woman wins 42 million

Woman wins 8.5 million casino refuses to pay

Iowa Supreme Court rules that the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo does not have to pay Pauline McKee the $41.8 million she thought she had won on a penny slot machine. Casino says woman’s $8.5 million win is ‘malfunction’ A woman who won $8.5 million off a slot machine at a Washington casino didn’t receive the payout. The casino claims the machine was ‘malfunctioned.’ Casino Refuses To Pay Young Woman Who Won $8 Million, Tells .

Iowa Supreme Court rules that the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo does not have to pay Pauline McKee the $41.8 million she thought she had won on a penny slot machine.

Phil Ivey Won $12 Million Playing Punto Banco And The … . the casino bosses refused to pay out because they accused Ivey of cheating.Alas, his companion might be his downfall, as the unidentified Chinese woman has apparentlyBut how f*cking cool would it be to travel the world as a full-time gambler with a sexy Chinese woman who helps you win millions? Woman claims to win 6 million HK dollar jackpot but. -… The woman had sold her five properties in Shenzhen, worth of 6 million dollars, so she could continue playing jackpot slots. She said she would quit the addiction afterAccording to a Macau legislator, Au Kam San, the casinos have the responsibilities to pay out the jackpots, whether there’s a problem.

The deadline to pay the $2,700 entry fee for the 2 June event at the casino was 30 May. [108]

Casino won’t pay woman her $8.5 million jackpot; says slot machine malfunctioned. Forget empty-handed, she was actually out $20, based on the original play of $100. The casino issued a statement saying the machine manufacturer, Rocket Gaming Systems, “is in the process of conducting a forensic investigation to determine the cause of the display malfunction that occurred,” according to the Daily Mail. How this woman won a $8.5 million casino jackpot, but only . With one pull of the lever, Veronica Castillo’s problems all disappeared. A weekend getaway gambling at Washington’s Lucky Eagle Casino turned into a life changing event. A pit stop at the slot machines turned into a jackpot! Veronica’s worries were over – she was a millionaire… a MULTI-millionaire. But it wasn’t that simple. Woman “Wins” $42M; Casino Won’t Pay – CBS News

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One lucky gambler recently won a whopping $8.5 million jackpot, but she won’t be seeing that money any time soon because the casino is refusing to pay out. The woman is taking legal action Woman wins $42 million from slot machine, casino claims. Woman wins $42 million from slot machine, casino claims malfunction . Bookman played had malfunctioned and that all winnings are voided in that case.”They win and the house doesn’t want to pay . Must Read! Woman Wins $43 Million At Casino, And They Won . Katrina Bookman thought it was going to be a normal night at the casino. While Lady Luck was on her side, the casino was not. They refuse to pay her. — Resorts World Casino, New York. Several people have noted that, given Bookman’s situation, they would’ve only left the casino in handcuffs. This woman hit a $42.9 million jackpot — but the casino . A woman in New York who won nearly $43 million from a slot machine in August was sad to see her wins disappear before her eyes almost immediately, WABC reports. Katrina Bookman hit the jackpot at .

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Poker Player Phil Ivey Wins $10 Mil; Casino Refuses To … UPDATE: The Crockfords casino and its Genting owners are refusing to pay out his $11.7 million winning!The Genting-owned casino initially agreed to transfer the winnings to Ivey’s bank account, but six weeks after the win, Crocksfords has returned only his $1.3 million stake and began an. Indian Casino Refuses To Pay Out, Says Rules. – Barstool… The casino is on tribal land operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. To the gambler’s amazement, Jerry Rape hadThis is the third time we’ve seen a gambler hit an enormous jackpot only to be told that it won’t be paid because theEvery time they refuse a pay out, they lose customers. Woman wins $42.9 million, Casino says it was a mistake

Veronica Castillo from Portland, Oregon, thought she hit an over $8 million jackpot at a Washington state casino, until the bosses told her that the machine had malfunctioned and there would be no prize. Although not a big gambler, Castillo went with her mother to Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington, on Nov. 5. Woman told $8.5 million jackpot win was . – Silver Oak Casino Castillo was then told that the casino malfunctioned and she would not be paid out her winnings. Not $80 million. Not $8 million. Not even $8,000. But she did manage to score something with an 8 in it. She got $80. Seriously. An $8 million win slaughtered to bits and reshaped as a measly $80 cash prize, barely enough to pay for a hotel room. Oklahoma Powerball Past Winning Numbers

Woman wins 8.5 million casino refuses to pay Iowa Supreme Court rules that the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo does not have to pay Pauline McKee the $41.8 million she thought she had won on a

Woman Wins $42 Million Jackpot? Not So Fast

Woman at a Colorado slot machine hit the jackpot, but casino claims malfunction.

March 30, 2010 — — When the lights and bells went off at a slot machine at the Fortune Valley Casino, in Central City, Colo., Louise Chavez thought she had the win of a lifetime — $42 million.

But after the casino claimed the machine malfunctioned, all Chavez got was a few dollars, some free meals and a room for the night.

Colorado gaming officials are investigating the incident, but said it could be nothing more than an unfortunate computer glitch. Chavez may not see a dime.

“I put my money in there,” Chavez told “Good Morning America.” “Whatever I won, I should get. There are dreams and there are things I’d like to do — helping my family, helping my kids. That’s why I’m disappointed. I just don’t know.”

The Denver woman can remember all too clearly when she thought her life had changed.

“All of a sudden I saw the light come on on top of the machine,” Chavez told “Good Morning America.” “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God!’ I’d never had this feeling before in my life, never.”

The payout she was expecting? $42,949,673. She said she usually makes about $12,000 per year as an in-home personal care provider.

But champagne and caviar dreams quickly evaporated. Casino employees told Chavez the slot machine had malfunctioned.

“We’ve been open for 15 years at Fortune Valley and this is the first time we’ve had something of this magnitude,” Fortune Valley communications director Joe Behm said.

Phone calls requesting comment from the slot machine manufacturer, WMS Industries of Waukegan Ill., were not returned to ABC News.

Chavez said the casino offered only to comp her room and meals and give her back about $20 she’d put into the machine.

“My emotions changed from excited, thrilled to very upset,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate when it happens,” said Colorado Division of Gaming spokesman Don Burmania. “We don’t like it to happen, the casinos don’t like it to happen and in this case, the patron didn’t like it, either.”

When the lights and bells went off at the slot machines at Colorado's Fortune Valley Casino, Louise Chavez thought she won an astounding $42 million. But after the casino claimed the machine malfunctioned, all she got was her money back and a free breakfast. ]]>