winners gonna win

Winners gonna win

m-tronic Paris, France

M-tronic was created in july 2001 with the goal to be an innovative platform for all kinds of electronic experiments including IDM, Glitch, Electronica, Breakbeat, Industrial, Drum and bass, Electro Wave, EBM, Ambient, Synthwave & Minimal Dub.
Some albums are free to download, find them!

The label is run with passion by two persons: Dj Element & NSP. . more

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If you like Space Calls 12″ Ltd Vinyl + digital (Hi-Res 24bit), you may also like:

Your God Is Too Small
by Deadly Avenger

supported by 5 fans who also own “Space Calls 12″ Ltd Vinyl + digital (Hi-Res 24bit)”

Wow, this album is fantastic. Like a mix of late ’90s electronica and IDM, French electro, synthwave, darksynth and mid-80’s EBM – all great tastes that taste great together. Stealth AOTY candidate, for fans of Crystal Castles, Carpenter Brut, Front 242, Justice and the Miami Hotline OSTs. Jean-Paul DuQuette

Concrete Island
by The G

supported by 5 fans who also own “Space Calls 12″ Ltd Vinyl + digital (Hi-Res 24bit)”

this album takes risks. think of the late 70s. think of JG Ballard’s futurism. think of Wendy Carlos and Vangelis. think of the textures of early techno. The G is working on the very fringes of synthwave here, and asks the listener to open their mind. Well done. Blake Voss

Exploration 84
by Waveshaper

supported by 5 fans who also own “Space Calls 12″ Ltd Vinyl + digital (Hi-Res 24bit)”

I love the variety on this album. It’s all synth, it’s all fantastic (except maybe Believe, I’m not a fan of those repetitive vocals). It’s a perfect pick-me-up. TomS

by Sim Hutchins

The music of Sim Hutchins inhabits a dark, shadowy underworld; ghostlike synths and booming percussion abound. Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 16, 2018

by La Boum Fatale

Rippling, outré electronic music from La Boum Fatale where steady beats meet ghostly synths. Bandcamp New & Notable Jan 28, 2018

Blue Coat, Red Dress EP
by Kilig

Clattering textures and intoxicating loops abound on the latest EP from London producer Kilig. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 11, 2020

The Uncanny Valley

supported by 5 fans who also own “Space Calls 12″ Ltd Vinyl + digital (Hi-Res 24bit)”

You are a genius. kyashan_001

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Winners Gonna Win (The Robo Fight) by m-tronic, released 17 April 2018


Jordan Oliver

Winners gonna win ✅

Jordan Oliver

Jordan Oliver

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Match 3 – November 27th .

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Jordan Oliver

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Winners gonna win ✅