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9/25/2020 vs braves

Red Sox Foundation 50/50 Raffle, presented by DraftKings

The Red Sox Foundation 50/50 Raffle, presented by DraftKings, gives fans the opportunity to support the Red Sox Foundation while offering them a chance to win big cash prizes. For the 2020 season, fans can purchase tickets online at for each raffle*. One lucky fan with the winning ticket number for each raffle will win half of the net proceeds, with the other half of the net proceeds benefiting the Foundation.

The Red Sox Foundation seeks to make a difference in the lives of children, veterans, families and communities in need throughout New England by improving their health, educational and recreational opportunities. Thank you for your support!

*Must be in the state of Massachusetts and at least eighteen (18) years of age to purchase a raffle ticket. Please see Official Rules for full details.

The winning ticket number will be posted below after the conclusion each raffle and will also be available via our phone number and website, which is printed on the bottom of each ticket.

You will receive an e-mail with your raffle numbers shortly after the purchase. Please note, there may be a delay in the e-mail delivery during times of high website traffic. Any e-mail delays do not impact your chances of entering the raffle. Please note you must be in the state of Massachusetts and you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to purchase a raffle ticket.

The raffle winner must present their winning ticket and call (617) 226-6050 within 30 days to arrange to complete required paperwork and claim their prize.

50/50 Raffle at JetBlue Park

For each Red Sox spring training game at JetBlue Park, the Red Sox Foundation also runs its signature 50/50 Raffle. Half of the net proceeds posted at each raffle go to the winning ticket holder. The other half goes to the Red Sox Foundation to support local charities in Southwest Florida.

The winning number is posted on the center field scoreboard during the 7th inning and also available below or via our phone number, which is printed on the bottom of each ticket. The raffle winner must present their winning ticket and call (617) 226-6050 within 30 days to arrange to complete required paperwork and claim their prize.

Winning Numbers

Winning numbers will be posted here for 30 calendar days.

The Red Sox Foundation runs a 50/50 raffle during each home game at Fenway Park. Please see rules below for price points.

Boston Red Sox Tickets

About the Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Tickets

The Boston Red Sox franchise is an American institution. Rough, tough, and proud as the city that’s been their home since 1901, the Red Sox have a storied history full of drama. From the very beginning, the Red Sox were the team to beat. In the earliest days of the MLB, Boston was king, winning the first World Series in 1903. They would win four more by 1918, showing off their chops and solidly establishing Bean Town as the home of America’s pastime.

Dark Times Ahead

Alas, despite the raw talent in the Red Sox stable and the already-established legacy of the team, it would be several decades before Boston would bring home another World Series championship. In what became known as the Curse of the Bambino, thought to have been brought on by the Red Sox selling Babe Ruth’s contract to their arch-enemies the New York Yankees, the Red Sox would go an astounding 86 years before another World Series victory.

Despite a number of close calls over the years, fans would have to wait until 2004 for the curse to be lifted. That year, the Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals in four games, ending the longest drought in MLB history and putting Boston back on top of the world. The team would go on to win the World Series three more times since then, bringing their total record to 9 championship wins overall.

The Rivalry to End All Rivalries

Sports teams are often only as entertaining as their rivalries. When it comes to the Red Sox, this is especially true — the Sox have been in a bitter rivalry with the New York Yankees for literally a century. That’s one serious grudge. And it certainly didn’t help that Babe Ruth – one of the greatest players of all time – started out in Boston and ended up wearing Yankees pinstripes.

Every time the Red Sox and the Yankees clash, sparks fly. One of the most memorable series was their 2004 ALCS match-up, as the Yankees stood directly in the way of the Sox making it to the World Series. When Boston took down New York after coming back from a 3-0 deficit, baseball fans took notice. Many Red Sox fans say that was when the Curse of the Bambino finally broke, and we’re not going to argue with that. (We’d never pick a fight with a Boston fan!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Red Sox play?

The Boston Red Sox play at world-famous Fenway Park , their home since 1912 and the oldest ballpark in the MLB. Unlike many other stadiums that have been knocked down and rebuilt over the years, Fenway has been renovated endlessly to preserve its iconic location and look. In fact, The Green Monster, the left-field wall and the most famous of Fenway Park’s idiosyncrasies, has been present in some form or another since the park’s opening.

When do Red Sox tickets go on sale?

Red Sox tickets are made available well in advance of opening day for the entire season. The league’s schedule is set for the regular season before Spring Training starts, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide which Red Sox games you want to go to, either at Fenway or while they’re on the road.

When is the best time to buy cheap Red Sox tickets?

Whether you want to buy cheap Red Sox tickets, tickets to any other team (even the Yankees), or tickets to any other event, it’s always in your best interest to wait until the very last minute. That’s because ticket prices drop like a stone just before the game — especially in the hours before it starts — as unsold tickets won’t make ticket sellers any money. In fact, unsold tickets often result in resellers actually losing money, so it’s in their best interest to move those tickets no matter what.

What’s the best way to buy cheap Red Sox tickets?

Your best bet to buy cheap Red Sox tickets is always going to be online. Ticket marketplaces are a fantastic choice for buying cheap tickets from a reseller, as they bought those tickets at wholesale from the MLB in the first place. These resellers buy in bulk for huge savings and then sell those tickets at attractive prices that undercut the MLB. At the same time, they’re still making a tidy profit of their own. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially Red Sox fans.

Why should I choose Gametime over other ticket marketplaces?

There are many ticket marketplaces out there, but we’re proud to say we’re among the best. Our service fees are super-low, so you’ll always get the cheapest possible tickets when you buy from us. Meanwhile, our fully interactive virtual seating chart makes shopping for Red Sox tickets easier than ever, as you’ll know what the field will look like from your seats before you click that buy button.

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