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    • The Official 2020-2021 Hot Stove Offseason Thread
    • By Warfarin, 16 minutes ago
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    • 2020 Season Ticket Share
    • By m0nkey, July 12
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    • 2019-20 Official NFL thread
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    • The Truth is Out There. Conspiracy Theories
    • By Jason, 1 hour ago
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    • Rare Jewels Might Be Available Soon
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  • Our picks Today: 2021 Primer Series: Introduction posted a topic in LA Angels | MLB Daily, Monday at 11:48 PM

    By Robert Cunningham, Senior Writer

    Special Request from This year, after discussion with Chuck, we have decided to tie-in the 2021 Primer Series with a wonderful GoFundMe effort called “Hope for Education”.

    This is a focused fundraiser, to help ten needy families in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, obtain laptops for educational use in this challenging COVID-19 pandemic environment. These families are unable to afford these computers, themselves, and so it is up to charitable people and donors to help bridge the gap so these children can continue to learn, safely, from their homes.

    Education is very important to me, personally, and Chuck and I are asking our fellow Angels fans to contribute to this very worthy cause, organized and supported, in-part, by a former colleague of mine and her friend. Any amount is appreciated and you can donate here to help them reach, and even exceed, their initial goal:

    Donate here:

    Picked By

    Full interview with Angels GM Perry Minasian!

    Dochalo posted a topic in LA Angels | MLB Daily, November 17

    Picked By

    Angels announce Perry Minasian as their next general manager

    rafibomb posted a topic in LA Angels | MLB Daily, November 12

    Picked By

    Michael Hermosillo, Jose Briceno, and Elliot Soto among players let go by the Angels

    mmc posted a topic in LA Angels | MLB Daily, November 2

    Picked By

    YOU Build the 2021 Angels // YOUR Offseason Plan

    totdprods posted a topic in LA Angels | MLB Daily, October 31

    We’ve had prediction threads, we’ve had offseason wishlist threads, we’ve had what you want to see happen, what you think we’ll see. Almost every thread recently has devolved into an ‘offseason plan’ thread at some point.

    But what I’m hoping for this thread though is (for the time being) no discussion, no debate, no arguments for or against, just a very simple list what you would do this offseason if you were GM in a quick, easy format.

    The idea being we can revisit this later and discuss midseason/next offseason and see how things are going for everyone’s respective plans.

    You can edit/revise your plans at three different times:

    When players accept/reject Qualifiying Offers. Kevin Gausman and Marcus Stroman likely figure to be on many plans, and there’s a chance neither hit the open market, as we saw with Odorizzi last winter. I believe we should know this within two weeks or so, so you can also wait.

    When Trevor Bauer signs, since he will likely be on a majority of submitted plans – here’s an opportunity to pivot if he signs elsewhere.

    Around Dec. 2nd, 8pm ET, at the non-tender deadline. A significant number of free agents will be added, some of which could alter plans significantly.

    In addition, I will potentially bump the thread once or twice this winter with an option to edit. The first will be if we learn of a specific amount from Arte/the FO is intending to spend this offseason, and the second will be late into the offseason, perhaps even right before Spring Training, in order to allow any last minute bargains.

    When this happens, please edit your post but keep original plan detailed still. Strikethrough the text or write out your edited plan.

    As of now, we’ll assume the Angels can add up to $30m in salary to the 2021 payroll. It could be less, could be more.

    Overall, try to be as specific as possible when it comes to your money offered or players involved in trade. There are links below to help us work within a standardized set of trade and contract values.

    Feel free to offer contingencies, i.e, pivoting to Gausman if Bauer doesn’t sign, but try to limit yourself to a couple options, maybe a Plan B or C, for the sake of the exercise.

    Think outside the box – signing Bauer or Stroman are nice ideas, but names like Dylan Bundy, Mike Mayers, and Max Stassi were some of the biggest additions to the 2020 Angels over their 2019 counterparts. No one saw that coming – and that’s part of the fun. So, go out on a limb here or there.

    A few handy links to reference in forming your plans:

    List of free agents can be found here.

    Determining contract terms (values/lengths):

    Determining trade values (approximate, standardized):

    The 2020 thread and Results thread

    If applicable, using the projected arbitration salaries from MLBTR.

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    Unreal: Manchester City fans lose the plot on message board after LFC win: ‘It’s bent – it has to be’

    This is wonderful – and will cheer you up on a Tuesday – no doubt!

    Liverpool schooled Leicester City on Sunday night – winning 3-0 and putting in one of the best performances of the season without six of our starting XI.

    But on the Blue Moon message board, Manchester City fans were crying foul play – with many suggesting we’ve had a lucky season so far.

    We’ve had the worst injury record of any side by a mile and have had the most negative decisions from VARs – so we’re not actually sure what this is based on other than pure jealousy!

    Some of the shouts in the below tweet, which is a screenshot from the message board, are absolutely gold.

    ‘Liverpool will win the title easily. I hate to say it but every team bottles it when they play them…’

    Hope you’re right, lad!

    Time now to go to Bluemoon for their reaction after the latest round of fixtures 👀

    3 responses to “Unreal: Manchester City fans lose the plot on message board after LFC win: ‘It’s bent – it has to be’”

    The problem is, “Historically Man City fans just aren’t well schooled in the top level game. Sure we’ve all played footy at different levels but at the top it’s about patience and understanding of the game. And that includes understanding our rivals. Then, and only then, working out how to defeat them. Needless to say, a lot of posts on social media are by immature youngsters who definitely don’t get it, and that certainly includes Liverpool “fans” as well – sometimes I just cringe. Take Klopp’s whole approach – no one loves full throttle football more than him. But each game’s a bit like an F1 race – you need to pick your moments. Try keeping the pedal to the metal for the full race – you’ll make mistakes, run out of tyres and fuel, or just crash and burn. Not a good strategy. He’s grown to understand every aspect of running a top club, not a petro-dollars one. He has an incredible structure behind him for which you also have to give great credit to the owners. And a final point – I remember only too well the Ferguson era. It used to drive me nuts how they seemed to get results over the line. But I grew to understand that, although they didn’t always have the best 11 players on paper, they were ALWAYS hard to beat with many leaders, had a good mixture of physicality and technicality, kept it simple, usually made good decisions on the pitch, and always had pace. Overall 7/8’s out of 10 across the board in virtually every game creates consistency which breeds confidence which generally gets results week in week out. That’s what puts you in the mix at the business end of the season.”

    They have always been sore losers, probably due to the inferiority complex they have to their neighbours. They behave like sheep, if one plonker posts some bitter rubbish they then all follow like the good little lambs they are.

    Liverpool are definitely going to be crown the champions of England and of europe too.

    Unreal: Manchester City fans lose the plot on message board after LFC win: ‘It’s bent – it has to be’ This is wonderful – and will cheer you up on a Tuesday – no doubt! Liverpool schooled