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Win charts

Create rich charts with less code. Windows Forms Chart Control renders a broad range of rich, high-fidelity chart types from familiar (bar, line, area, pie, and funnel) to more complex (financial, candle, and radar) charts.

Chart Types

Over 50 2D and 3D Chart Types.

Design-time Convenience

Ensure that your chosen chart type will look its best with this custom wizard that designs single-layer or multi-layer charts with optimized default presets.

Composite Charting

Build complex charts with Series Collections, Chart Area Collections, and Chart Layers Collections.

Advanced Graphics

Use Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending, Solid 3D, 2D, or our custom Paint Element to design the highest quality visual appearance.

Featuring over 50 different chart types, Ultimate UI for WinForms Chart component enables developers to build rich, high-fidelity charts faster than ever before.

Chart Types in Windows Forms Chart

Essential Chart includes a comprehensive set of more than 35 Chart types for all your business needs. Each one is highly and easily configurable with built-in support for creating stunning visual effects.

Chart types are specified on each ChartSeries through the Type property. All the chart types are required to have at least one X and one Y value. Certain chart types need more than one Y value.

The following table narrates the minimum and maximum number of series and number of Y values required by each type of chart supported by Essential Chart.

Chart Type Minimum Number of Series Maximum Number of Series Number of Y Values Required
Area Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Bar Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Box And Whisker Charts 1 Unlimited 5
Bubble Charts 1 Unlimited 2
Candle Charts 1 Unlimited 4
Column Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Column Range Charts 1 Unlimited 2
Combination Charts 2 Unlimited 1
Funnel Charts 1 1 1
Gantt Charts 1 Unlimited 2
Hi Lo Charts 1 Unlimited 4
Hi Lo Open Close Charts 1 Unlimited 4
Histogram Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Kagi Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Line Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Pie Charts 1 1 1
Point And Figure Charts 1 Unlimited 2
Polar Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Pyramid Charts 1 1 1
Radar Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Renko Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Rotated Spline Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Scatter Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Spline Area Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Spline Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Stacking Area Charts 2 Unlimited 1
Stacking Bar Charts 2 Unlimited 1
Stacking Column Charts 2 Unlimited 1
Step Area Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Step Line Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Three Line Break Charts 1 Unlimited 1
Tornado Charts 1 Unlimited 2

Line Charts

Line charts typically use a line to connect the different data points in a series. Such lines are straight, splines or steps. Line charts are simpler and hence also let you visualize multiple series without overlapping like in a bar chart.

Here are the different types of Line Charts.

Line Chart

Line Charts join points on a plot using straight lines showing trends in data at equal intervals. Line charts treat the input as non-numeric, categorical information, equally spaced along the x-axis. This is appropriate for categorical data, such as text labels, but can produce unexpected results when the X values consist of numbers.

When rendered in 3D, the plot looks like a ribbon and hence such types are also referred to as Ribbon or Strip Charts.

The appearance of the lines and the points can be configured with options such as the colors used, thickness of the lines and the symbols displayed.

Chart Details

Number of Y values per point – 1.

Number of Series – One or More.

Cannot be Combined with – Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Polar, Radar.

Line series can be added to the chart using the following code.

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