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Samantha A.

Paranaque, Philippines


Samantha A.

Paranaque, Philippines

what you’ll do

You just scored $20,000 to make life even sweeter. That’s right: Four zeroes, endless possibilities. This is about so much more than some extra cash in your pocket. It’s about having the breathing room to create the life YOU want for yourself and your loved ones. Here’s your chance to send your kid to the nicer kindergarten. Or book the 12-piece band for your wedding, instead of your cousin who DJs. Or order all the sushi… on a month-long vacation to Japan. All we ask is that you have some fun. You deserve it!

No donation or payment is necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes.

who you’ll help

Omaze has teamed up with PATH, a nonprofit that works to end homelessness, to build a community hub at their downtown LA campus. The Omaze Community Hub will be a welcoming space that provides a center for employment preparation, placement assistance for those in need of permanent housing and so much more. And you’re going to be part of it! Your donation to this campaign will help transform the existing first floor of PATH into a hub of vital support services for thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness. And to commemorate your generosity toward this life-changing project, your name will be featured on the wall inside the hub once the renovation is done!

Thanks to you, this awesome organization can continue doing what they do best—whether it’s building new housing or providing services like case management, medical and mental healthcare, benefits advocacy, or employment training. PATH is working to help Californians in over 140 cities maintain housing stability, and you’re a part of that! Thank you.

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stuff our lawyers want you to read

Omaze, Inc. (“Sponsor”)

All donations made in connection with a fundraising campaign are paid to Charities Aid Foundation of America (“CAFA”), an IRS-recognized, U.S. public charity whose mission is to make giving internationally and domestically safe, easy and effective for U.S. donors. CAFA prequalifies each Charity as an eligible recipient of CAFA grants. At the end of each fundraising campaign, so long as the Charity continues to qualify as an eligible recipient of CAFA grants, CAFA will make a grant to the Charity of the net proceeds of the fundraising campaign.*

Prize Provider:
Omaze, Inc. (“Prize Provider”)

Details: Winner will receive $20,000 USD.

Sweepstakes Start Date:
January 29, 2020

Deadline to Enter:
March 24, 2020 at 11:59pm PT

Winner Announced:
On or around April 8, 2020

Approximate Retail Value:

Who’s Eligible:
You must be at least 16 years old to win. Winners under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian as their Guest. Guest must be of legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence (and at least 18), unless Winner is the legal guardian of Guest and Guest is at least 5 years of age or older at the time of travel. In addition to Winner requirements (detailed below), Guest must complete and return a publicity and liability release prior to departure. If Winner is the legal guardian of Guest, Winner must execute and return all required documents on behalf of such child or legal ward.

If Winner and/or Guest reside outside the country where experience will take place, Winner and/or Guest must have current, valid passports, and be able to travel to the experience location(s). If they are unable to travel to the experience location(s), they will forfeit the prize. Winners must not be residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria or Thailand. In certain countries, local rules and laws may restrict or prohibit the award of certain prizes or impose additional restrictions on participation. Entry is subject to all local laws. See our Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details. Employees, officers, and directors of Sponsor, Charity, or Prize Provider, and members of their immediate families and households, are not eligible to win.

Individuals may not receive more than one major/grand prize and one minor prize within the same 18 month period.

How to Enter:
Visit to utilize any of our methods of entry. Receive bonus entries for donations. See our Sweepstakes Official Rules for more details. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries held.

Winner Confirmation Process:

Within 10 business days of campaign close, we’ll use an automated random drawing process to draw a potential winner(s) for that campaign. A confirmation process, which may include a background check, will then take place to ensure the potential winner meets the legal standards required. Winner and, if applicable, their guest(s) agree to cooperate fully with Omaze in Omaze conducting any background check(s), which includes providing information requested by Omaze including, but not limited to, full legal names and addresses. If the Prize includes meeting a celebrity, meeting a public figure, or attending a special event and any background check indicates, in Omaze’s sole discretion, that the potential winner or the potential winner’s guest(s) pose a danger to or may harm the reputation of any person or entity involved in the sweepstakes, Omaze may disqualify said winner and move on to the next randomly drawn potential winner. Pending a positive outcome of the confirmation process, an Omaze representative will notify the potential winner via email and/or phone. The potential winner must respond within the time period designated in the notification, or Omaze may move on to another randomly drawn potential winner. Before confirming a potential winner as the winner, Omaze may require the potential winner to confirm their eligibility. Once that’s done, the potential winner and guest(s) must execute and return all required documents within the time frame specified by Omaze. If you do not execute and return all required documents within the time frame specified by Omaze, you will forfeit the Prize and Omaze will move on to another randomly drawn potential winner.

NO PURCHASE, PAYMENT, OR CONTRIBUTION NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Contributing will not improve chances of winning. Void where prohibited.

At Omaze, we believe fundraising should be about impact, not percentages. Our model allows us, in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation America (we call them CAFA), to really make a difference and disrupt the way society traditionally thinks about charitable giving.

Here’s how it works: Omaze and CAFA work together to offer incredible prizes and experiences that anyone can potentially win. You don’t have to donate to enter, but if you do, your donation to CAFA is then used to make a charitable grant to a great cause, which we love. Omaze pays for everything that’s needed to run the sweepstakes, which means the only ones taking a chance are the entrants (you!)—not the charity. The nonprofit can spend less time worrying about raising funds, and instead focus their energy on doing awesome work.

*Omaze also invests in securing the prizes for the typical Omaze Owned campaign, so for these, from every dollar you donate, 15 cents is passed directly through to CAFA, all of which is then used by CAFA to make a grant to the associated charity. If there are multiple charities, then grants of equal share are made to each charity. 70 cents is typically used to actually get the prize, process payments and advertise to awesome people like you (Omaze Owned campaigns require more significant marketing efforts by Omaze and do not rely (or rely to a much smaller degree) on the work and name of celebrities to help raise awareness and promote the campaign). The remaining 15 cents of your dollar goes to Omaze—it’s used to cover the cost of providing and maintaining the technology and team that makes this all happen.

The result? Causes get a guaranteed grant with no risk and no overhead or investment, our lucky winners get awesome prizes, and everyone else gets to help a great cause and spread joy!

YOU WILL: Add some fun to your life and some funds to your bank account Enjoy $20,000 to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do—whether you book that trip, take that class, give the best gift(s) ever, or the less-sexy-but-still-awesome option: pay off your debt Have the financial wiggle room to chase your dreams