what does death play for in the lottery

What does death play for in the lottery

I did a dream which numbers have I to play? I dreamed of the earthquake, the pope, what numbers have I to play? What numbers have I to play today or tomorrow to win the lot, superenalotto or other lotteries? Why do I often dream numbers but never win?” What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to be played after a person died in real life to try a lottery win according to the dream book and dream guide? What are the right lottery numbers to play after a mourning that strikes us in real life? When an actor, a sportsman, a singer or a political man who is very famous is killed, what numbers can we play to try a win? How do you play the numbers you dream and on which wheel do you play the events you dreamed of? What are the numbers to play when a person dies? Do you know on which wheel is the date of birth or death of a person, child, relative, friend or famous but dead person? If you do not know which wheel the dream numbers are playing or how to play a date of birth or death of an allergy person, then today we can point you to a useful method that of course is not infallible. How many times have you dreamed of seeing numbers or dreaming of seeing a dead person offering you some numbers? Very often the dream numbers have nothing to do with the game but they indicate something else. Below you will find a very complete dictionary in which to find what you have seen in a dream to try a win for the game. Each word matches a number. But when a person dies in real life as a sequence of numbers we can play to try to win even a small sum of money, perhaps choosing a specific wheel? The method we show is based on the date of birth and death of the person. Let’s see how it works below with an example. Before we continue and use the method we all remember one thing that is fundamental. Gambling is a very risky game and the numbers you pull out using this method do not offer a 100% payoff. Then try to play with little money and do not throw away your money hoping to get a big win. Gambling does not offer secure winnings.

We use the method of fate number. Suppose a person was born the day May, 27 1947. May is the fifth month of the year. Let’s sum up, among them, the digits that make up the whole date like this: 2+7 + 5 + 1+9+4+7 and we get the number 35. This is the first number to play and was pulled out of the date of birth of the deceased person. The second number comes out by summing the digits of the date of death. Suppose the person died November, 15 2016. Now we can add the digits in this way 1+5 + 1+1 + 2+0+1+6 and we get the result number 17. We now add these two numbers among them and we get the number 52. So we got 3 numbers but if we want to match a fourth number we can enter the numbers that the person had when he died. As for the wheel to play the 4 numbers, reduce the first number found, that is, the date of birth, which in this case is the number 35, to a single digit. 3+5 is equal to the number 8. These numbers could then be played on wheel number 8 as well.

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