vermont mega millions numbers

Vermont mega millions numbers

Vermont’s “Mega Millions” lottery draw is a pick 5 game with a pool of 75 numbers and one bonus number offering a 1 in 14.71 chance of a prize.

Using a best fit curve LSA can contiune the trend line to make a plus 1 draw prediction.
Detailed report and interactive graphs make for a very easy to use interface.

LSA provides all the information you could need to help select those lucky numbers from our ball appearance graph too detailed due number information based on every possible combination in the draw.

Find out what numbers are most likely to appear in each position on the ticket and see if your tickets are worth playing.

One of the many detailed reports in LSA the distribution report is the holy grail and we feel should be printed and hung on the wall, a permanent reference to bias your picks toward.

This interactive graph provides detailed information on each balls last appearance.

Another LSA report, the “Last Out” provides a detailed and printable version of the “Last Out” graph.

See whats overdue, whats not due, simple and easy to understand graph and report.

This report lists the normal distribution of each ticket position in the Mega Millions, we even formatted the data to allow copy and paste to external spread sheets

Vermont Mega Millions lotto software

Vermont (VT) MEGA Millions Past 30 Day Winning Numbers

How to Play MEGA Millions?

Mega Millions tickets cost $1.00 per play.

Players may pick six numbers from two separate pools of numbers: five different numbers from 1 to 75, and one number from 1 to 15 or select Easy Pick. You win the jackpot by matching all six winning numbers in a drawing.

If you select the annuity option, which provides annual payments over a 30 year period, for every million dollars won, you will receive approximately $38,500 per year before taxes. You also have the option of a one-time, lump sum payment.

In addition to the jackpot, there are other prizes ranging from $2 to $250,000.

Mega Millions prizes will not be awarded based solely on the information below. Your Mega Millions member state lottery must validate your ticket claim before your prize is awarded.

All tickets, transactions and players are subject to the lottery rules, regulations and laws of the state where you buy your ticket. When you buy that ticket, you agree to be bound by those rules, regulations and state laws. Copies are available from your state lottery.

Presentation or transfer for payment of an altered, forged or counterfeit ticket is a felony.

Winning tickets are subject to validation. Winning Mega Millions tickets must be redeemed within the time period after the drawing that is specified by the lottery state where you bought your ticket.

Tickets purchased in a Mega Millions member lottery state can be redeemed only in that state.

Ticket purchasers and winners must be at least 18 years of age. – Lottery Winning Strategies,california lottery,florida lottery,texas lottery,Prizes, Winning Numbers Statistics, Jackpots & more ]]>