texas lottery willy wonka

Texas lottery willy wonka

No Billion Dollar Winner & About The So-Called “Public Drawings” . See May 1, 2018 Entry Below .

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Originally Posted : April 26, 2017
Revised : Dec 15, 2018

Willy Wonka – The Golden Ticket – Updates

How ‘Bout That . A Consolation Prize That’s Greater
Than The Top Prize! Kinda Backwards – Huh?

Editorial & Opinions by Dawn Nettles

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12-16-18 – The Dallas Morning News , another Dave Lieber story . Meet the
$1 Billion winner from this years Texas Lottery’s Willy Wonka scratch ticket.
A story all of you need to read! Unbelievable! Click here.

05/01/18 – 3PM – In this posting, I’m going to cover two subjects – the recent
“chance to win a billion dollars” from the Willy Wonka second chance drawing
and why I didn’t give ya’ll an update last year.

In April 2017, I posted notice that I would follow up with my explanation on
WHY I gave the TLC an “F” for their handling of a “public” second chance
drawing but I never did it. The reason was two fold – one, I was really
swamped at the time and two, I was soooo angry I didn’t want to regret
what I may have said in anger. So I did nothing until now.

I don’t know about you, but when I enter a chance to win something and
there’s going to be a ” Public Drawing, ” I expect that IF I’m present I will
know IF I won something. Well, I entered and I attended the public drawing
BUT the so called drawing was NOT public and they refused to say
whose names were drawn. Rather, they said they would release the names
at a later date. I had no idea IF my name was one of the lucky winners.

Needless to say, at the time, I thought many things including cheating. There
was NO “drawing” as defined by the dictionary . ” an instance of selecting
the winner or winners ” and ” the selection of a winner or winners
in a lottery or raffle. ” The lottery staff used a computer to supposedly
” randomly ” select entrants names (if you can believe the selection was random).

I drove to Austin knowing nothing and I left Austin knowing nothing. Yet
they said it was a “public drawing.” Imagine driving to Austin to watch a
LIVE Lotto Texas drawing but them not releasing the numbers drawn.
What would you think?

This is an action that should NEVER be allowed or permitted for any contest
but the Texas Lottery operates this way.

I will say one more thing before moving on . they “said” they had to make
sure that the names selected qualified to win. Hmmmm . An example given
was to make sure no one works at G-Tech/IGT or the lottery. Gee,
do they think these people would enter knowing they weren’t allowed
to play? What about those retailers who entered a hundred tickets or so?

Anyway . sorry for leaving ya’ll hanging. If you called me, you knew why
I didn’t post anything.

Yesterday I asked for an update on that “Billion Dollar” event that was
scheduled to take place in Las Vegas in April 2018 and here is the
response I received today .

Like I said and predicted last year .
there was NO Billion dollar winner!

My request for information from the
TX Lottery regarding the
Willy Wonka Second Chance Drawing .

I can’t find any info on the TLC website regarding the billion dollar (Willy Wonka) second chance drawing and those who have gone or will go to Vegas. I have a number of readers who are inquiring – would you please bring me up to date.

The detailed explanation received
regarding the outcome of the
Willy Wonka Second Chance Drawing.

Total Prizes Awarded
at the Billion Dollar Challenge(tm)
Prize event: $2,400,500.

Date of the Event: Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

Round 1 – all participants ($218,000 total)
4 winners of $25,000
4 winners of $5,000
4 winners of $2,500
88 winners of $1,000
5 Golden Ticket winners
advanced to Round 2.
Golden Ticket Winners were
from GA, GA, MI, NY and TX.

(David Jenkins, of Buda, TX
won $25,000 in Round 1)

Round 2 – 5 participants ($182,500 total)
1 Golden Ticket winner to advance to
Round 3/Billion Dollar Challenge(tm).
This winner was from Georgia.
4 winners received the
Million Dollar Spin Message

Prizes won in the Million Dollar Spin:
GA winner won a total of $47,500
MI winner won a total of $50,000
NY winner won a total of $42,500
TX winner won a total of $42,500
( Shadina Hubbard, of Midland, TX )

Round 3 – 1 participant ($2,000,000 total)
Billion Dollar Challenge participant
was from the Georgia Lottery.

Step 1: Selected case contained the
Golden Ticket. This Golden Ticket
was valued at $500,000.

Step 2: Selected case contained a 4X
multiplier. This awarded the Grand Prize
Finalists a total of $2,000,000
($500,000 from Step 1 multiplied by
4X in Step 2 for a total of $2M).

The Grand Prize Finalist did not advance to
Step 3 to have the chance to play for $1B .
You had to get a Golden Ticket in Step 1
AND Step 2 in order to continue with game
play to Step 3.

There were 20 winners from the
Texas Lottery in attendance.
They won a total of $85,500 in prizes.

18 winners of $1,000
1 winner of $25,000
1 winner of $42,500
( in Round 2, the Million Dollar Spin )


We do not have any additional Willy Wonka events forthcoming.

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5/01/17 – 1 AM – Just a short note to let ya’ll know that I am working on this update. I’m having to do a little research but I will have an unbelievable story posted for ya’ll in a few days. Please forgive for taking longer than expected.

In the meantime, know that Friday’s Dallas Morning News story was also published in Spanish. I thought that was interesting. Click here to see it.

4-28-17 – Will be posting details about yesterday’s trip to Austin to witness the Wonka Second Chance so called “drawing.” Hopefully I’ll have it posted by tomorrow or Sunday.

There was absolutely no integrity, honesty, communications or fairness involved – in my humble opinon. If grading, I’d give the Texas Lottery an F or whatever would be lower ! We’re going to need to take action. In the meantime, be sure and read the story in the Dallas Morning News titled ” Calling foul on lottery ” – Boy, they got that right!

4-26-17 – I’ve been trying to post an update for ya’ll for two weeks now but things keep popping up that’s kept me from posting the latest news on the Willy Wonka ticket. But today I’m forced to post because tomorrow is an historic day for the Texas Lottery.

You see, tomorrow (4/27/17) at 1:45 PM, the TLC will draw 5 names from losing Willy Wonka scratch ticket entries. These 5 people are official winners of a trip to Las Vegas AND an extremely remote CHANCE of winning $1 billion! The drawing is taking place in the drawing studio at the Texas Lottery on 6th Street in Austin and it IS open to the public. So come on ya’ll – let’s go to Austin and watch it!

The TLC has NOT issued a press release nor have they posted this BIG news in a highly visible area on their website. Shoot they haven’t even told you that you CAN be present. I really wonder WHY they haven’t made a big deal out of this second chance drawing and the FIVE (5) lucky winners that will win tomorrow – after all – $1 billion is at stake.

Lord knows how many press releases are issued when the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot grows to hundreds of millions or a billion dollars but they don’t get excited over an opportunity that ONE person might win $1 billion?

Nuff said – FYI – I plan to drive to Austin to witness this historic drawing tomorrow. I have no idea how many entries they have to draw from, I have no idea IF it will be a FAIR drawing – IF the computer draws the names, I would seriously question the “fairness” because we have no way of knowing what entries could have been deleted or how the computer is programmed to draw the names. I also have no idea of what the set up will be for such an event but I can assure you, I will go see it for myself!

Since you’re not getting much notice for tomorrow’s drawing, maybe you can plan to attend the second drawing which will occur on May 25, 2017. We’ll have to find out what time and I’ll do that for you.

A couple of other things I want to say in this first update.

1) In case you didn’t read the story in the Dallas Morning News about the Willy Wonka ticket, you should read it. Dave Lieber did GOOD and I’m truly sorry I didn’t post this link sooner!

2) If you will remember from my first story on the Willy Wonka scratch ticket, I asked the Texas Lottery what one had to do to win $1 billion. Ms. Cripe, Media Relations Director said, ” Prizewinners will be mailed the official, detailed rules of the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ prior to their trip departure. The BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ is administered by MDI Entertainment, LLC and Scientific Games International, Inc. Any questions regarding the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™, including questions regarding the assignment of proxies, prize payments, and tax liability or withholding for cash prizes, should be directed to MDI Entertainment, LLC at 1-800-201-0108. Participation in the BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE™ may be subject to other local, state, and federal laws, including the laws of the State of Nevada.”

As you see, she did not answer my question. I had also asked her if the information was on the TLC website, to please provide a link for me. As it turns out, the information WAS posted on the TLC website and she failed to provide me with the details so I could share the details with you. If you would like to see what you have to do to win $1 billion, click here for complete details. After you read this, I believe you will understand WHY I believe it is just damn near impossible that anyone will win $1 billion dollars. Again, the TLC does not have to adhere to Consumer Laws so they can get away with this. Sad, very sad,

3) I understand the TLC is replying to your concerns pertaining to the name – Willy Wonka – that their position is that the name does not appeal to children – one reason being that no “candy” is mentioned in the name. Here’s a quote players have shared with me that they received from the TLC . ” We believe the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket scratch ticket appeals to adult lottery players that remember enjoying the movie 46 years ago. We are always very careful to ensure our games are designed so that they do not encourage underage play. The Willy Wonka Golden Ticket does not depict candy or other imagery that could potentially appeal to children. “

WELL . let me see . “Willy Wonka” is synonymous with “the Chocolate Factory.” That’s candy – isn’t it? Then last night on NightLine, they did another story on the Broadway Play, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and how the play is specifically aiming at kids. The Golden Ticket was mentioned several times in that short story with much talk about “children.” I don’t think adults spend money at Red Box, NetFlicks or Blockbuster to rent this movie for themselves, rather, they get the movie for their kids. Just the name Willy Wonka, like Cinderella, Dr. Doolittle, Little Orphan Annie appeals to kids. At any rate, the Texas Lottery agreed to NOT offer games of chance that would appeal or target children. Clearly, this ticket fits that bill. Kids are seeing multiple signs in the stores, on billboards, TV and in turn are asking their folks to buy them that “pretty picture.”

4) An interesting tidbit – there’s conflicting information out there pertaining to the billion dollar challenge. The Georgia Lottery is one of the participating states. Georgia’s web site originally posted this rule for the Willy Wonka Second Chance drawing but then they changed it to match the one posted on the Texas web site. Hmmm . But what’s worse is that Georgia site says they may have two drawings – one Winter or Spring of 2018 and one in the Winter or Spring of 2019 (See “#3 – Drawings” on this page for the two dates). HUH. Texas “implies” the Billion dollar challenge will take place in Las Vegas much sooner as TX drawings will take place in April, May, June 2017 and one drawing To Be Announced. Gee, is TX going to keep players waiting a year or two for their trip to Vegas and maybe a chance to win more money?

5) Last tidbit – to fund a billion dollar prize, they ARE purchasing insurance to fund it should it be won. But since a person would have to give away $20 million for a chance at $1 billion, it’s highly unlikely anyone is that stupid so the insurance will probably be covering a MUCH smaller amount! Not even $20 million – in my humble opinion!

In concluding today’s remarks I want to address one special comment I received – I think ya’ll should understand that TX does give more details but they didn’t when the lottery began. I provided the information they wouldn’t then they began posting the same information. Should my website go by the wayside, they would quit providing such details! But I’m not going anywhere so I’ll stay on top of the information players should have access to. (I know, I’m not suppose to end a sentence with a preposition! )

Next update will be posted on top of this one .

Watchdog Dave Lieber Reports on
TX Lottery’s Willy Wonka Scratch Ticket.

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