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Submission Underground 17 Full Results And Review

Submission Underground 17 delivered some fantastic action on an otherwise quiet Sunday night and the results of the main event trilogy match between Craig Jones and Mason Fowler surprised a lot of people. The first match between the two went pretty clearly in Jones’ favor as he won by submission back at ADCC 2019 but it was the second match that caused some controversy. Fowler submitted Jones in the overtime period of an EBI rules match when Jones let out a grunt that the referee declared was a verbal submission. This is what set up the immediate rematch at Submission Underground 17 and what caused a lot of fans to believe that Jones would be able to get the win pretty comfortably.

Unfortunately for the Australian phenom, he again fell victim to a Rear Naked Choke in EBI overtime that led to Fowler being crowned the victor. The regulation time five-minute match was actually pretty similar to their last as it involved a lot of Jones trying to work from open guard and enter leg entanglements while Fowler remained standing and was able to neutralize his game. Gillian Robertson also impressed during regulation time in the Co-main event as she started off with a flying armbar attempt before transitioning to a single-leg.

After Amanda Loewen forced her to escape a tight Guillotine attempt, she spent the rest of the round working off her back and would eventually win via Armbar in overtime. This was a common theme throughout the card as the five minute rounds don’t leave a lot of time for competitors to work before they reach EBI overtime. One notable exception was Roberto Jimenez, who locked up a tight triangle choke against Jesse Taylor before switching to an armbar to get the tap when Taylor defended well.

Submission Underground 17 Full Results

Mason Fowler defeats Craig Jones via Rear Naked Choke in overtime.
Amanda Loewen defeats Gillian Robertson via Armbar in overtime.
Richie Martinez defeats Ben Egli via Armbar in overtime.
Roberto Jimenez defeats Jesse Taylor via Armbar in regulation.


Ethan Crelinsten defeats PJ Barch via Rear Naked Choke in overtime.
Pierre-Olivier Leclerc defeats Sid Skrob via Rear Naked Choke in overtime.
Frank Rosenthal defeats Phill Schartz via Armbar in regulation.
Justin Renick defeats Don Stoner via fastest escape in overtime.
Aaron Tiegs defeats Nicholas Maximov via Collar Choke in overtime.
Chase Davis defeats Kyle Hinkle via Heel-Hook in regulation.

The full event replay can be seen on UFC FightPass, click here to subscribe and watch.

Submission Underground 17 was headlined by Craig Jones v Mason Fowler 3 and the full card certainly didn't disappoint, full results inside.

Submission Underground 3 Results: Tonon, Glover beaten by UFC fighters

Chad Mendes and Antonio Carlos Junior submitted Jeff Glover and Garry Tonon.

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Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Chael Sonnen is building a grappling promotion that is putting on a series of exciting bouts; bridging the worlds between competitive grappling and mixed martial arts. Submission Underground 3 did the same as competitors such as Chad Mendes and Antonio Carlos Junior faced off against some of the best grapplers in the game today. What resulted was a number of matches with exhilarating finishes.

The main event featured Dillion Danis facing off against AJ Agazarm in a grudge match to say the least. Neither fighter was able to submit the other, but they were both aggressive from the very start. Danis would suffer an eye poke that caused his eye to close, but that didn’t stop him from attacking Agazarm. In overtime, Danis had the fastest escape time which gave him the victory.

Agazarm downplayed the victory, blaming Danis for weighing in at 197 pounds, but Danis focused on a bigger name in Jon Jones. Jones competed at Submission Underground 2 and has shown an interest in competing in the promotion again.

Carlos Junior had perhaps the flashiest moment of the night when he hit a flying triangle on Garry Tonon. Tonon fought the position for an extended period of time but was forced to tap after being unable to find an escape. Carlos Junior became one of the few men to submit Tonon and rebounds from a recent defeat to Tonon’s teammate, Gordon Ryan.

Ryan was also in action on Sunday as he defeated Joe Baize with an armbar. Baize was aggressive during the match, attempting multiple leg attacks that Ryan was able to defend. Ryan would eventually find his way to Baize’s back where he would begin to attack with a reverse triangle and settle into an armbar that earned him the finish.

UFC featherweight Chad Mendes upset Jeff Glover as he earned his victory via rear naked choke in overtime. Glover was able to get Mendes to engage on the ground early, but was unable to find a successful attack before the end of regulation. That is where things got a little weird. Glover needed just 35 seconds to submit Mendes via a RNC of his own. Glover started celebrating but forgot the rule set allowed for Mendes to get an opportunity to submit Glover. If he could submit him in less than 35 seconds he would win. Mendes locked in the choke and got the tap faster than Glover and secured himself the victory.

Chad Mendes and Antonio Carlos Junior submitted Jeff Glover and Garry Tonon. ]]>