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Congratulations to the previous months winner Brusmar who won first prize of $75

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Leaderboard for November 2020 Competition
Rank Tipster Profit Bets Main Game Prize
1 LeOverFlow +116.15 40 $75
2 nipitus +108.89 43 $40
3 Suspect28 +55.77 17 $30
4 ChiefPicks +47.36 73 $20
5 heroico +36.80 5

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About the Competitions

Here at we will run free competitions every month, and all the predictions you make will count towards your total profit for that month. Once you have an account you are automatically taking part in the competitions when you write your tips.

You don’t have to pay any money to take part in our competition, it is 100% free!

But we expect you to share your knowledge with the rest of the community. In the form of writing a short explanation for each tip you post.

All winners will be announced at the end of the month.

Competition Rules

  1. The winners of every competition will be those that have the highest monthly profit.
    • We will also draw two random prizes each month
    • To encourage high quality tips, one staff member will pick a top contributor each month
  2. You must have at least 5 picks in the competition to be eligible to win any prize (both at the leaderboard and the random draw).
  3. Previews must be written in English and it should be a minimum of 50 words. Short previews without any useful info, bad language, or only gibberish written will be deleted.
  4. We will not allow any form of competition abuse where the users are only choosing tips hoping to win the competition:
    • Placing max bets on high-risk bets to try to catch up or get a big lead.
    • Place max bets that are correlated, like handicap and winner odds, or over and -1.5 handicap.
  5. Copy-pasting previews from other sites are not allowed, unless you are the owner of said website.
  6. We will try to contact the winners by the email they signed up with. If you are missing a prize it’s your responsibility to contact us. You must also have a PayPal account.
  7. Note that our stated time and database time differ slightly (database is 2 hours behind). That means that tips that is posted 2 hours past the competition might end up counting.

Any rule may be changed, added or removed by the admins, at any time, announced here. If you have any suggestions for these rules or would like clarification, please send us an email with your suggestion.

Upcoming Competitions

January 2021 Competition
  1. $75
  2. $40
  3. $30
  4. $20

Random draws:

  1. $25
  2. $10

And a $40 prize for staff pick of the month.

December 2020 Competition
  1. $75
  2. $40
  3. $30
  4. $20

Random draws:

  1. $25
  2. $10

And a $40 prize for staff pick of the month.

Previous Winners

October 2020 Competition
  1. Brusmar – $75
  2. ChiefPicks – $40
  3. Mercile7 – $30
  4. Vqx7 – $20
September 2020 Competition
  1. Bisto6 – $75
  2. ChiefPicks – $40
  3. heroico – $30
  4. betiminjo77 – $20
August 2020 Competition
  1. specialist – $75
  2. Suspect28 – $40
  3. zambique – $30
  4. Cashfire – $20

We run esports betting competitions where you can predict esports matches and end up winning prizes if you create the most profit during the competition.

I have one more suggestion for you:

You could give the option to reward the winners of a poll.

For example, in a football game, I could create a poll with two options (team A and team B). And I could make this poll a kind of betting, where whoever voted for the winning team would win something (money or any other physical or digital prize).

In that case, I order the poll to end before the game starts. And the winning item would be manual, as it depends on which team will win. If team A wins, then I go to the poll and determine that item 1 (team A) is the winner.

When dropping the winning item, the plugin highlights that item in the poll for all users to see.

And everyone who voted for item 1 (team A) won the bet. And the prizes could be of 3 types:

1- If the award for the winners is a digital product, then the plugin could offer a scheme where I insert the digital product for download and it is automatically sent to all winners. In this type of prize (digital product), everyone needs to leave their e-mails (perhaps, Name and E-mail) before voting, so when they are winners, the plugin itself automatically sends the digital product to your e-mails to they download.

2- If the prize for the winners is a physical product, then before voting the user must also fill in his name and e-mail, because if he wins, the plugin will automatically send an e-mail informing that he is the winner and that he won the prize, and to receive the prize he needs to inform his data (home address for delivery of the prize), and for that he must click on the link in the email and go to a page and fill in the fields with his delivery data. This page requesting the user’s delivery data, could be offered by the plugin, and the fields could be customized, that is, we included the desired fields.

3- If the prizes for the winners are in cash, then in this case the plugin could offer a scheme for the user to pay for the vote he is casting, as if it were a bet.
Even the user could place as many bets as he wished. Each bet would cost me a price. For example, I determine that each bet costs R$ 1 BRL, and if the user wanted to place 3 bets on team A, then he selects team A in the poll and an option would appear for him to choose the amount of bets, as soon as he chooses or typed 3 bets, the plugin would calculate the price of the bet to be R$ 3 BRL, and as soon as the user clicked the button to pay the bets, the user would be redirected to a payment cart or to an online payment service like Paypal. The plugin offering payment cart would be more complicated and laborious for you, but it would be great because that way we could offer payment options by debit or credit card or boleto, without the user having to create an account, as not everyone has a Paypal account.
In the end, when the game is over and team A wins, I go to the poll and place item 1 (team A) as the winner. And everyone who voted (bet) on this team, will receive the prize money that would be the division of the total bets.
For example, 30 people bet on a total of 70 bets, so the total amount collected was R$ 70 BRL. If 10 people bet on team A, then the amount collected of R$ 70 BRL will be divided between these 10 people, R$ 7 BRL for each one. The plugin itself could already do this simple division calculation and already show how much the user will receive (send an email to the user stating that he is the winner and will receive R$ 7 in prize).
And for the user to receive the prize (the R$ 7) he needs to access a page (could be offered by the plugin itself) where the user would insert his bank details for me to make the deposit.
If I (the organizer of the bet) want to withdraw a fee for the work, then the plugin itself already makes this calculation and discounts the percentage of the fee. For example, I determine that of the total amount collected, 10% will be mine, so of the total amount of R$ 70, the plugin will discount 10% (R$ 7) and the remaining amount (R$ 63) will be divided among the winners ( R$ 6,30 for each one).

This is a more complicated feature, but it would be an evolution for the plugin. You could offer this feature in the premium version and you could sell a lot because I believe that many people would be interested in this type of plug-in.

[This thread is closed.] Hello people, I have one more suggestion for you: You could give the option to reward the winners of a poll. For example, in…