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Heart’s £30k Triple Play: Three £30,000 winners on the final day

17 August 2020, 08:03 | Updated: 28 August 2020, 16:29

Heart’s £30k Triple Play . Picture: Heart

What a week of winning on Heart’s £30k Triple Play as we ended the game with three £30,000 winners in one day!

All summer long we’ve been giving you the chance to win £30,000 whenever you heard our feel good artist. From Pink to Little Mix, Olly Murs to Ed Sheeran, we’ve been able to make 36 of you £30,000 richer!

But the winning doesn’t stop here.

Make sure you’re listening to Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Tuesday 1st September as they’ll reveal our next big game that could make you a winner on Heart!

Who won £30,000 on Heart’s £30k Triple Play?

Martyn Ford

Martyn from Billingham, County Durham is a firefighter and was buying his 7 year old daughter Amelie school shoes when he heard Ed Sheeran play three times.

Amelie is an aspiring singer and dancer and Martyn wants to get her lessons with his £30k winnings.

The family are also building an extension at the moment and are looking to get a dream kitchen so they can cook their favourite dish – curry.

They’ve also not been on holiday for a long time so a trip to Cornwall’s on their list.

The family will be celebrating tonight by heading to a local curry house for a slap up meal, as he told us: “I feel absolutely amazing. This has made my family so happy”.

Sam Thurston

Sam won £30k after hearing Ed Sheeran play three times.

She’s has had her heart set on a dream new car, but a Nissan Qashqai costs quite a bit so she thought it wasn’t possible.

Unfortunately, Sam was also forced to move her wedding with her partner back to February next year because of the pandemic. Her parents helped her out a lot with the finances so she would love to pay them back.

Her two boys Sean, eight, and William, six, would love a new computer and Sam will also be treating her partner to something too.

While the family would usually spend a Friday night chilling out with a movie, they might just be celebrating tonight.

She told us: “I can’t tell you how much this is going to change my life”

Kathy Scrase

Kathy was shopping at the butchers when she heard Ed Sheeran play! She wanted to jump up and down when she found the news, whilst her husband got a shock as he was at home decorating so heard his wife win £30,000 on the radio.

First thing they’ll be spending the money on is a new car, as their current car is 17 years old! They’ve also got a grandaughter on the way in October so this is an extra special surprise before she gets to meet her!

They’ll go out for a meal to celebrate tonight at a posh fish restaurant. She’ll also share the money among family and friends. “I’m ecstatic, over the moon. Can’t explain how amazing this feels!”

Karen Jones

Karen is an adult social carer so she has had a busy few months!

Her daughter, Kayleigh recently lost her home so she’s living in a one bedroom flat with her daughter, her grandson and Karen’s husband.

Karen entered Heart’s £30k Triple Play because she wanted to win some money to pay for a deposit for her daughter’s flat.

The 30K means some security for the whole family, with Karen telling us: “You have made such a difference. Things are going to get better from now.”

Charlie Griffin

Charlie was on her way back from a B&Q when she heard Olly Murs play three times. Her husband Andy works in a restaurant, and she works for a bank. Money’s been tight for the last few months.

She lives in a house that used to belong to her nan and grandad. It’s very special to her and the family want to make it feel like their own. Charlie needs to astroturf the garden which will cost £10,000!

The family are going to celebrate with a Turkish takeaway and a bottle of Champagne.

Ashley Nuttall

Ashley and her partner Dan were on their way to the Isle Of Wight for a family holiday when they heard Olly Murs play three times.

They have just bought a new house and will use the £30k winnings to decorate and do the garden up.

Children Hannah, 18, Benjamin, 16, and one-year-old Iris will also be getting new furniture for their bedrooms.

With the rest of the money, the whole family are planning on taking a Christmas break in Disneyland together.

The couple were overwhelmed to win and are going to celebrate with a glass of bubbly tonight, as well as a takeaway pizza.

Ashley told Heart they’d order “everything on the menu”, before adding: “I’m just ecstatic! Just really ecstatic!”

Sarah Lancaster

Sarah and her partner Richard are both key workers, (she’s a carer and Richard is a police officer) so they’ve had a very busy few months!

As she hasn’t been able to spend much time with their daughter Madison as usual, she was taking her out on a shopping trip when they decided to play H30KTP.

As a family, they have been trying to save to go to Australia next year to see Richards’ brother. They haven’t seen him for two years and no-one in the family has ever been to Australia. And now Madison is super excited to go!

Winning £30,000 means they cannot only pay for the trip to Oz but go business class too!! Sarah would also like to get a haircut cut, a new phone, some new clothes for Madison and also do some house renovations that they’ve been planning for 10 years.

It’s also means the shopping trip they’re going on this afternoon has just got a whole lot better, including a celebratory trip to Pizza Hut.

She told Heart: “It just means we don’t have to worry about how to afford thing for a while!”

Kelly Hammett

Kelly had just got home with her son Archie, 7, after visiting friends for the first time since lockdown. Kelly works in a pub with her daughter Ellie, 21, and they have been super busy with the eat out to help out scheme.

With her winnings, she would really like to go on a family holiday as they haven’t managed to get away this year, and take a Christmas trip to Butlins.

But the BIG plan is to buy the house her family has been living in for six years. Corona has really put them back in their savings. but now they’ll be able to make their property dream come true!

She was overwhelmed to win £30,000 and couldn’t quite believe it, telling Heart: “I didn’t think this year was going to bring anything good!”

Dee Grantham

Dee’s a Healthcare Support Worker on an orthopaedic ward, and has had a tough few months looking after patients.

She was on her way to the bank when she heard Pink play three times.

With her £30k winnings, she’d love to go to the Seychelles – and it’ll be a magical trip, she hasn’t had a holiday for four years.

Dee also wants to help her grown up sons pay for their properties, and turn her garage into a snug.

She told Heart: “I’m ecstatic! I’ve never even won an argument before!”

Hollie Mullins

Hollie was on her way back from buying BBQ food from Tesco when she heard Pink play three times.

She lost her job due to coronavirus but starts a new one next week working with horses, but wants to help her boyfriend Dougie, whose event toilet hire business has been struggling during the crisis.

The couple have needed a new car for a while and are getting a new Range Rover so they can fit their Great Dane, Quinn in the back!

They have a friend’s birthday drinks planned for tonight so they’ll now be having a double celebration in the pub garden.

Dougie thought Hollie was joking until he heard her win on Heart!

She said: “I’m speechless. It’s made such a difference!”

Trevor Wainwright

Trevor’s a heating engineer who listens to Heart when he’s working. He’d like to spend his winnings on a new company van with his name written down the side – at the moment he has a battered old Transit.

He would also love to take his whole family, including his daughter and granddaughter, away on holiday when it is safe to travel again.

He told Heart that he’s been playing a couple of times a week since the game started, but had never won anything in his life until today.

Trevor’s plan for next year is to travel and see the world! Bon Voyage!

Karry Parris

Kerry turned 40 last week, but has another reason to celebrate tonight. winning £30,000!

She wants to help her daughter with a deposit for a new house, and she’s always dreamed of a once in a lifetime trip to Hong Kong and Vietnam and with £30,000 in the bank she can make that dream a reality.

The first person she called was her husband Michael at work to tell him the incredible news!

She has a bottle of Champagne in the fridge that she’s been saving for a special occasion, which is going to be opened tonight!

She told Heart: “I’m absolutely over the moon. Best day ever!”

Lucy Archer

Lucy was on her way to the Post Office when she heard Pink play three times.

She has a 5 week old son, Freddie, and is on maternity leave. She works in the family bakery and her husband Peter is an HGV driver.

She would like to use the money towards a bigger house so that they have a garden for Freddie to play in when he gets older.

Her phone’s not stopped ringing with friends calling her to congratulate her on her win!

Lucy’s never won anything in her life before.

She told Heart: “I can’t believe it. Nothing like this ever happens to me!”

Justin Mellett

Justin moved from South Africa a few months ago to work in the UK as an electrician, and he is living with his wife Robyn and her in-laws at the moment.

Winning £30,000 means they have enough for a deposit on a two-bedroom house – he thinks Robyn will “blow her top” when she finds out about his win!

They’re going to have a few buckets of KFC to celebrate.

He told Heart: “This makes me feel so amazing!”

Ellie McDonald

Ellie was sat in a cool room in the house listening to Heart and wishing she had a paddling pool when she heard Bruno Mars play three times.

Her partner, John, works for the ambulance service and she’s a teacher. They both need to replace their cars, and would also like to take holidays to America and Australia.

After picking up their cat from the vet, they planned to celebrate with a Chinese takeaway.

Ellie told Heart: “You’ve just made our lives a thousand times better”

Hazel Gordon

Mum-of-two Hazel works as a nurse and also works in a supermarket at weekends. Her children Charlotte, 20, and Joe, 18, heard her winning £30,000 on the radio and immediately text her to congratulate her.

Charlotte’s going to Ibiza with a group of mates and Joe wants a new car so Hazel’s going to pay for both of those.

Hazel’s going to treat her kids to a car and a holiday, and she’ll be treating herself to a cocktail bar for the garden. She loves anything with Martini in it and is missing cocktail nights out with her friends.

She had her laptop stolen a while ago so is going to get it replaced, but first, a celebration with a bottle of champagne and a Thai takeaway.

Hazel told Heart: “I’m exhilarated, absolutely exhilarated!”

Carl Fane

Carl is a lorry driver and delivers medical supplies around the country. He’s been with partner Jessica for 8 years, and they would love to get on the property ladder.

He’d love a place with a garage, and as they’re thinking of starting a family, a bigger house with lots of room is top of their wishlist.

Carl would love to go back to Corfu when we can travel again, and will treat his mum to a trip.

He told Heart: “You’ve made a lorry driver cry!”

Yvonne Watts

Yvonne works for the NHS, and plans to use her winnings on a new car for her and husband Bob, and to treat their eight grandkids.

Her daughter got married in the Maldives and she’d like to go back for a holiday.

But before her tropical trip, tonight the family are throwing a socially distanced garden party with a bottle of champagne to celebrate their win!

She told Heart: “This will change everything for us”

Rebecca Bowley

Rebecca’s retired and has a 15 year old son. She’s spent her time during lockdown doing exercises to keep her sane!

The family really wants to extend their house and garden, and as Rebecca loves socialising, she would love to invite friends around when she can.

As her garden is full of rubble and dirt at the moment, she’s got big dreams to transform it with the help of a professional landscaper, and by installing a hot tub and a bar!

She was in total disbelief when she found out she’d won, she told Heart: “I can’t tell you how much this means. It’s fabulous!”

Amy Searle

Amy will be spending her winnings on bits and bobs for her new house, including a freezer!

She also wants a dream Caribbean holiday, which will be something to look forward to after trying to get a tan throughout lockdown!

The last thing she won was £2 on a scratchcard, and her big win didn’t sink in until she heard herself on the radio.

She’ll be celebrating with a bottle of Champagne tonight, telling Heart: “You’ve made my year. Thank you!”

Stephen Godsafe

Stephen gave up work to become a full-time carer for his wife Theresa. He’s been laying a patio for her to enjoy in the summer which still needs paying for.

He also wants to get a jacuzzi and stairlift to make her life easier.

His son, Gary, thought he was playing a prank on the family when Matt told him he’d won! He’s also going to share some of the money amongst his three daughters.

The family are going to celebrate tonight with a nice cup of tea!

He told Heart: “It’s made my day. To get everything done for my wife is absolutely brilliant”

Debra O’Kelly

Debra couldn’t speak when she found out she’d won and had to put her husband on the phone to talk to Jamie and Amanda!

The £30,000 win comes at just the right time for Debra and her family. She has been furloughed for a few months, and her husband Gavin has been looking for work.

Her £30k jackpot will take the pressure off at home, allow them to buy a car, decorate their house, and treat her daughter and stepson to some new bits and pieces. and some sparkly earrings for herself!

She told Heart: “This means the absolute world. It’s absolutely life changing”

Sam Craven

Sam was busy at work when he heard three Beyonce songs in a row and won £30,000!

He’s been working right through lockdown as a pipe fitter, and would love to take a week off – but being self-employed he was a bit hesitant as he doesn’t get paid holiday.

Sam is currently learning to drive and is now planning to buy his own car when he passes his test. He is also still living at home and has dreamed about moving out one day, so winning this money means he can finally think about saving for a deposit.

He would also like to take his whole family away to Greece next summer.

Rachel Taylor

Rachel desperately needs a new car to get to work, and plans to buy a new kitchen and a brand new summer wardrobe!

She plays H30KTP all the time with all her colleagues in the office, and they couldn’t believe her luck when she got the call – and she really couldn’t believe she had won!

Rachel’s an ‘Ibiza Girl’ and wants to get back to the island when we can all travel again, but first, she’ll be picking up a bottle of Champagne on her way home from work.

She told Heart: “This has completely changed my summer!”

John Wallbank

John was over the moon to win £30k, and after he was furloughed in April, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

He’s used his time at home to work on home improvements and has just finished making a shed!

Times are understandably tough for him and his family, and he has had to dip into his savings to help make ends meet.

Despite this, big-hearted John would really like to help out family members with his winnings and would like to contribute to his stepson buying a house.

He told Heart: “I’m over the moon. This doesn’t happen to people like me!”

Grant Stewart

Winning £30,000 is going to make a huge difference to Grant and his family. They had an extension build a few years ago that they’ve struggled to finish, so this will mean they can finally put in the bathroom.

Grant told us that he and his wife Caroline have always wanted to take their two boys Charlie,12, and Harry, 7 to Disneyland in Florida, so when this madness if over that is exactly what they’re going to do!

He would also like to buy a hot tub for the garden, and Caroline is going to get an open chequebook to buy whatever she wants!

Megan Norris

Megan and her husband are dairy farmers and have had a tough time during the coronavirus outbreak. They’ve had to juggle running the farm with homeschooling.

She told Matt Wilkinson: “This means the world to our family. It’s come at the perfect time.”

Megan’s son Jamie has autism and dreams of going to Legoland so the family are going to book a trip as soon as they can.

And there will be plenty of treats to look forwards to – as Meghan enjoys cake decorating, she’s going to buy a cake decorating table and go on a cake decorating course!

Heather Guntrip

Heather’s been playing all of Heart’s games for the last couple of years and knew that one day she’d win! She wants a holiday for her mum and dad who are both in their 70s – but first she will be buying her dad a new mattress!

Her grandson, Kyle, has kidney problems and she’s going to give him some money to help with medical expenses and to buy him a PS4.

Ed Sheeran is Heather’s favourite artist and she loves him even more now!

Lee Catling

Joanna Wilson

Joanna lives in County Durham, and told Matt Wilkinson that she is in the process of selling the family home at the moment, and has been furloughed from her job in events – so winning the £30K prize money has come at a great time for her and her family.

She has three kids, and as a family they have found lockdown quite tough, so ideally, they’d like to buy a place with a bit of land so her teenage kids can get out on their bikes and get some fresh air.

She also has a best friend in Australia that she hasn’t see for a couple of years, so would love to take the family out for a trip to Oz – something incredible to look forward to after lockdown ends!

Charlotte Fotofili

Charlotte from Wiltshire is a career for the elderly, and has been working throughout lockdown, however she had to stop at the beginning of the week as her husband has had to go on a six week army training camp.

She was at home this morning looking after her two children Charles, 3, and Mary, 2.

Winning the £30,000 means that Charlotte can go to Fiji to see her mum for the first time in three years when this is all over.

Her mum lives alone and Charlotte is planning to surprise her – she hasn’t even met little Mary yet, so it’s going to be a really special moment.

It’s also Charlotte’s birthday next week, so she’s going to treat herself to a new watch and phone. and then spoil her kids and husband.

Karen Maughan

Lockdown has been tough for Karen, she’s been off work from the very start as she suffers from Pulmonary Fibrosis, which is a condition of the lungs.

Being the main breadwinner of the household, this has hit their family quite hard so winning £30,000 couldn’t have come at a better time for them. Like everyone she cannot wait for lockdown to be over and is now dreaming of a family holiday to Vegas.

She renewed her wedding vows with hubby Neil there a few years back, so it would be amazing to go again.

Day-to-day living will now become a lot easier with the buffer of £30k in the bank, but aside from that she would also like to treat her two boys Adam and Liam with the money she’s won.

Richard Gibson

Richard was working in the garden with his wife Sam when she heard 3 Little Mix songs and told him to text in. That one text really paid off, because Richard became our latest £30,000 winner!

Both Sam and Richard have been furloughed so this money really has come at the best time for them as a family. Aside from helping out with the day to day, they are now planning to add a new patio to their garden renovations and possibility a dream holiday to the Maldives when they can.

Daughter Lilly, 10, would like an iPhone 11 and Teddy, 7, is buzzing about the prospect of swimming with Sharks in the Maldives. They’re going to celebrate in the garden this afternoon with a bottle of bubbly and a cold beer!

Amy Todd

Amy was on the way back from a funeral with her mum when she heard Pink play 3 times… it was a very strange moment for her, and she really was in need of a bit of luck.

Amy works for a building supplier and has been working right through lockdown servicing hospitals with materials and PPE.

She has been saving for her own place with her partner Nathan for a few years and finally put down the deposit on a new-build, only for the move date to be delayed by lockdown.

Winning £30,000 means she can now deck out her new home with brand new furniture, and she’ll treat her mum to a little holiday for her mum when lockdown is over.

Henry Woodcock

Henry became our first £30k winner when he heard Pink play three times! Calling in live from Peterborough, he told Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden that he wants to spend money on a house deposit, a new car and wants to buy his girlfriend a new Pandora bracelet.

What a week of winning on Heart's £30k Triple Play as we ended the game with three £30,000 winners in one day!

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