paycheck movie lottery numbers

Paycheck movie lottery numbers

Posted: Tuesday, 4 August 2015

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The lottery is one of the most fun, fantastic events that takes place in our funny little world, and as such, rather unsurprisingly, draws, tickets and jackpots are the focus of all manner of television and film plots (Lottery Movies TV). Whilst we’re sure you’ll already have had a couple of examples spring to mind, we thought we’d do a low-down of the most memorable lottery-based scenes, plots and blockbusters.

Lottery Movies TV – Family Guy

Winning numbers: 3, 31, 0, 8, 44, 17

During the episode “Lottery Fever”, the city of Quahog is gripped by just that, sending Peter Griffin in to a ill-advised lottery ticket binge-buying spree. Although at first it seems the family had indeed not won the draw, fortune strikes and the dysfunctional unit embark on a ridiculous spending spree. Broke, the family win again, only to end up – yes, you guessed right – broke again! There’s a lot that lottery players can learn from this certain episode!

Lottery Movies TV – Friends

Winning numbers: 53, 14, 5, 16, 29, 7

Lottery fever seems to be a popular plot device indeed! In “The One With The Lottery”, the gang develop a sudden love for the game of chance after Phoebe experiences psychic visions that they’ll win. After squabbling over the prospect of having millions of dollars though, Phoebe tips the basket of tickets off of the balcony on to the street below, proving instantly why it’s a far, far better idea to buy your tickets online!

Lottery Movies TV – Paycheck

Winning numbers: 17, 44, 4, 26, 37, 40, 22

Starring Ben Affleck, and written by the author of the novels upon which Total Recall, Bladerunner and Minority Report are based, Paycheck is a paradox-ridden sci-fi romp that features the main character predicting the results of the lottery, to mixed effect.

Lottery Movies TV – Bruce Almighty

After taking over God’s duties, this film’s titular character is suddenly bombarded with prayer requests, forcing him to take a rather blanket approach to answering them. Thanks to automatic email, millions of lottery prayers are simultaneously rewarded with (rather paltry) jackpots. Rioting ensues.

Lottery Movies TV – The Lottery

This (now cancelled) television show focused upon a dystopian future Earth where mass infertility has resulted in the state deciding who will give birth to the tiny number of human embryos left in existence. Dark and depressing, this is perhaps furthest from actual lotteries that a show could ever get!

So there you have it – works of lottery-based fiction that took it upon themselves to mull over some of the more interesting issues surrounding jackpots and draws. Are you struggling to pick your numbers for this week’s tickets? Try out some of the above combinations – they just might bring you luck!

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