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A Fun Way to Pick Your Lottery Numbers with Your Favorite Movies

If you don’t have lucky lottery numbers, or they keep failing to bring in the money and you don’t want the lottery machine to pick them for you in a Quick Pick, there’s a more fun way to obtain your “winning” lottery numbers. Maybe one of these sets of following numbers will get you on the board in the next US Mega Millions lottery, for example. Try using the numbers from lottery movies that have won. Here are six sets of winning lottery numbers that won in the movies.

From the drama series, “Lost” the character Hurley steals some documents that contain the repeated numbers 04–08–15–16–23–42. These turn out to be the same numbers Hurley had used to win a lottery jackpot. Over the ensuing weeks, everyone around him seems to suffer increasingly bad luck. Hurley then visits a mental asylum to talk to another patient who keeps repeating the numbers to him. He keeps saying, “The numbers are bad.” The numbers may have been bad for those around Hurley, but nevertheless they were still lucky for him.

The Lottery Ticket

In the movie “The Lottery Ticket” Bow Wow (played by Kevin Carson) and his grandma hit it big with a $375 million jackpot with numbers from a fortune cookie. The plot of the movie thickens when he has to survive a three-day weekend after his opportunistic neighbors find out he’s holding the winning ticket. The winning numbers were: 04–32–33–42–45–21.

It Could Happen To You

“It Could Happen to You” is such an apropos title for a lottery movie because you know that it can indeed happen to you. That’s why you play. Isn’t it? In this film a policeman promises to split his lottery winnings with a waitress because he didn’t have any change for a tip. Well, you guessed it. He wins the lottery and now is perplexed by the promise he kept to the waitress. What would you do? The winning numbers were: 06–12–16–26–64–08.


In “Paycheck” Ben Affleck is a reverse engineer meaning he analyzes his clients’ competitor’s technology and recreates it, often adding improvements beyond the original specifications. To protect his clients’ intellectual property and himself, Affleck undergoes a memory wipe, but not before leaving himself the winning numbers to a lottery jackpot. The winning numbers were: 17–44–04–26–37–70–22.

Lucky Numbers

In “Lucky Numbers” weatherman John Travolta is broke. He’s borrowed heavily to open a snowmobile dealership, but it’s unseasonably warm. He tries to run an insurance scam, but that goes wrong as well and he is out another $10,000. Finally he and his girlfriend figure out a way to rig the lottery to get her cousin to buy the winning ticket. Their winning numbers were: 22–70–16–9–27–07.

Waking Ned Devine

This is an English comedy filmed on the Isle of Man. Although it’s a comedy, at the very start of the film the main character is found dead holding the winning ticket. He literally dies from joy when he hits the jackpot. It’s a story of a complicated plan by a village to outsmart lottery officials and the prize won by the title character. It shows how these people capitalize on human greed and depicts the ruthlessness of society. Ned’s winning numbers were 19–40–04–07–25–29.

So, regardless of how you choose your numbers: self-pick, Quick Pick, or from a lottery movie’s winning numbers, enjoy the game and play responsibly.

If you don’t have lucky lottery numbers, or they keep failing to bring in the money and you don’t want the lottery machine to pick them for you in a Quick Pick, there’s a more fun way to obtain your…

The 6 Best Movies About Winning the Lottery – The Health Lottery

The lottery captures our imaginations. Winning a jackpot – and deciding how to spend it – makes for a fascinating film plot. We’ve listed the all-time best movies about winning the lottery, so you can feel the thrill of picking a winning ticket (that is, until it really happens to you).

1. It Could Happen to You

Based on an incredible true story, the 1994 film It Could Happen to You stars Nicolas Cage as a New York City police officer and Bridget Fonda as a waitress. The pair end up winning the lottery, splitting the cash and (spoiler alert!) falling for each other. While the premise is based on reality, the true-life twosome didn’t actually fall in love. They do remain friends – and wealthy ones, at that – to this day.

2. 29th Street

Another film based on a true story, 29th Street tells the tale of Frank Pesce Jr. (played by Anthony LaPaglia) who is blessed with the gift of luck from the moment he’s born. In the 1991 film, Pesce’s mother was meant to give birth in one hospital and instead went to another. The first hospital burned down. He continues to be lucky throughout his life in Queens. His father, who is a very hard-working but less fortunate man, gets jealous. The tension comes to a head when Frank Pesce Jr. (played by Danny Aiello) becomes the first winner of the New York State Lottery.

3. Finder’s Fee

In this 2001 drama directed by Jeff Probst, a man named Tepper (played by Erik Palladino) discovers a wallet on the street. He contacts the owner of the wallet (played by James Earl Jones) only to find that inside the wallet is a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars. The action rises when Tepper’s usual poker crew arrives for their regular game, this time with higher stakes than ever before. It begs the question: What would you do with the winning ticket?

4. If I Had a Million

This 1932 classic tells the story of a steel tycoon (played by Richard Bennett) who decides to give one million dollars to each of eight strangers randomly selected from the phone book. This plan isn’t just about altruism: he’s preventing his inheritance from falling into the hands of his greedy family. The lucky recipients include an elderly woman, an entertainer, a marine and an office clerk. While these winners didn’t actually win the lottery, the film shows how each of the recipients use their newfound fortune, and how it impacts their lives.

5. Waking Ned Devine

In this 1998 indie film, two friends, Jackie O’Shea (played by Ian Bannen) and Michael O’Sullivan (played by David Kelly) learn that an elderly member of their village, Ned Devine, has won the lottery. Jackie and Michael go to visit him at his home but find that the newfound millionaire has died from the shock. The lottery rules require that Ned be the one to claim the award, but the townspeople don’t want to give up the cash. Instead, they join together to convince the inspector that Michael O’Sullivan is, in fact, Ned Devine.

6. Welcome to Me

This 2015 dark comedy starring Kristen Wiig tells the story of Alice Klieg, a young woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who hits it big in the lottery. Flush with her winnings ($86 million, to be exact) Alice stops taking her psychiatric medication and pays for her own talk show, inspired by Oprah. Suffice it to say that the fame-hungry Alice lacks Oprah’s prowess, but her misadventures make for excellent comedy.

After watching these films, you may find yourself tempted to play the lottery yourself. Try your hand at the Health Lottery. With a little luck, your cinematic fantasy might just come true.

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