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These are 2 different shocked reaction image macros from SpongeBob SquarePants often posted on Twitter. In fact, they’re reposted so damn much I can’t find good, original quality versions of either.

The first is a real quote from the show. It’s said in the episode “I’m with Stupid” by Janet to her husband Marty after Patrick Star finds out they’re not his parents.

This is a different screencap than the scene where it’s said (though there are less common macros and GIF’s from the real scene).

I’ve found 2 different derivatives where her hair is edited out and it says “Snatched” instead of “Scared” in reference to wig snatching.

The other highly similar macro is a made up quote added to Patrick’s sweater in the episode “My Pretty Seahorse”.

On May 20, this tweet of a screencap (below) of the moment automatically grabbed by bot account @spongecaps got over 5k likes and 1k retweets, largely due to recognition of the meme.

In this tweet’s replies, there’s a derivative of his real mother Margie (from “I’m with Stupid”) driving him in a car. I know I’ve seen it before, but I can’t find it elsewhere by reverse image search. The tweet by @ChrisLMDG got 173 likes.

I can’t say if the 2 are related, but it seems very possible that the original quote and meme would have inspired another “scared” macro of another starfish from the same show. I know it’s the same kind of Twitter users I see posting them. I would recommend a “Marty I’m Scared” entry with a section on “Mom Come Pick Me Up I’m Scared”.

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These are 2 different shocked reaction image macros from SpongeBob SquarePants often posted on Twitter. In fact, they're reposted so damn much I can't find

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