mike k’s pick 3 selection table

Mike k’s pick 3 selection table

While this is not a math approach in any way it is still used by many. There are many tables floating around with all kinds of claims about their quality; there is the table of Moses and many others in all shapes and sizes.

The Concept:
Look up the recent draw and find numbers that are in the vicinity of that previous draw to select your next lottery picks, overlapping or touching.

New versus Old:
Nowadays it seems preferable to look at other options to select upcoming numbers, it is still intriguing to check out and evaluate the methods of the past; the time when most of us were not even allowed to play the lottery based on age restrictions.

While going through old documents, newsletters and other lottery related items we discovered an old table that should be at least over 20 years old. Apparently it was planned to be included in one issue of the “Lucky Letter” – an old Pick34 email publication – that came old every month for a while. The table was never published in the newsletter but it very likely circulated for a while in some of the lottery forums of that time.

Blast from the Past:
So here – as a blast from the past – the original Mike K’s Pick 3 Selection Table, a 9 x 8 grid. Some of the long-term lottery players might have encountered it in the past, for most – very likely – it is first time they see this particular table. At the same time many players are certainly familiar with such tables in general. Compared to others it’s relatively small, containing only 72 digits in 9 rows of 8 eight columns.

Mike K’s Pick 3 Selection Table was only created for Pick 3 lotteries.

As an example here yesterday’s midday draw 302 marked in yellow and the winning evening draw 074 showing that the winning number overlapped with the previous draw.

There are no claims in regards to how often the numbers actually hit but every boxed lottery number should be found at least once within the table, with digits connecting perpendicularly and/or diagonally. – Success with Better Numbers. We offer FREE Online Lottery Numbers, Lottery and Lotto Forecasts for every Lottery State and Country, Free Monthly Newsletter and the best Lottery Prediction Software available.

Mike k’s pick 3 selection table

Redefining the meaning of Hot and Cold

The POWER WHEEL 3 uses the power of binary calculations to define hot and cold numbers. The values make all the difference.

When you look at hot numbers as numbers come frequently in recent draws you need many to identify which numbers are “hotter” than others. But when you give the digits in the most recent draws more value than the less recent you are able to define hot and cold numbers more accurately. This is basically the concept used in the POWER WHEEL 3 to rank numbers from hot to cold.

The recommendation is to enter at least six (6!) previous draws with the most recent first. The first 6 numbers are used in the ranking process. Additional numbers are only used for the elimination.

Note that the MMCCC selection is the highly recommended selection followed by HHHMM.

Number Types
You can choose whether you want to include singles, doubles and triples into your wheels. This option is a standard one available in most Systems.

Elimination Feature
The 6 numbers (and further numbers) entered in the input field that equal a potential number in the output in boxed form will be eliminated when the Elimination Selection is set to Yes.

The system also eliminates numbers that occur more than once within the 6 possible wheels.

See the example on the left! If the ranking value of the hot number 8 is very high 8 will be moved the last M position and the numbers are shifted to the front when the Auto-Adjustment is set to “Yes”.

Once again this is an optional feature and can be a very good option when the normal settings are not successful.

Besides the input information the system will provide you with a list of the selected wheels. You have the option to choose the wheel headers with the wheeled digit information or a basic output of all numbers continuously without headers. This “Wheel Info” option makes it easier to copy numbers into other applications or online betting fields.

See below the output with wheel headers and just the number list. – Strictly Mathematics: Knowing is Winning!. We offer FREE Online Lottery Numbers, Lottery and Lotto Forecasts for every Lottery State and Country, Free Monthly Newsletter and the best Lottery Prediction Software available.