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How Lotto lout Michael Carroll blew £9.7m on naked waitresses with coke on trays, eight-girl orgies and £2k-a-day on cocaine

He boasted he’d slept with so many women he was known as “Master Micky” – but now the 2002 lottery winner is delivering logs and coal for £10-an-hour

  • Gary O’Shea
  • Alison Maloney
  • 11 Feb 2019, 16:24
  • Updated : 11 Feb 2019, 16:37

WHEN Michael Carroll threw a party, the neighbours certainly knew about it – naked women would carry trays of cocaine and the festivities would descend into an orgy where he would bed eight women at a time.

The self-styled “King of Chavs” – whose girlfriend said he was aroused by the smell of chip fat on her uniform – had £10m in the bank and was going to enjoy every penny of it, from the Hummers and BMWs on his drive to the prostitutes in his bed.

But as The Sun revealed this morning, he’s now penniless and lugging logs about for £10 an hour.

Although he admits he splurged wildly on fast living, he reveals that after his win “a lot of vultures came out of the woodwork.”

But just HOW did Michael from Norfolk, blow £10m?

Sun Online charts his spectacular fall from grace.

Roman-style orgies and sex with 4,000 women

The former binman, now 35, was engaged to Sandra Aitken, who was seven months pregnant with daughter Brooke, when he bought the winning lottery ticket with his last £4 in 2002.

Michael wed Sandra in 2003 but she left soon after, disgusted by his lifestyle, saying he cheated on her with prostitutes, and “surrounded himself with hangers on”.

She took £1.4 million of his money in a settlement.

With Sandra gone, the five-bed Norfolk mansion – dubbed ‘The Grange’ – became a venue for wild sex parties, which he called “Roman-style orgies,” and he once boasted that he had bedded 4,000 women.

Champagne, cocaine and girls took up a chunk of his riches“Once a month, I’d throw these parties, spending up to £50,000,” he said.

“It would end up with people having sex in my house. There were orgies.”

‘I was sniffing the world away’

He also started taking cocaine on an industrial scale – spending up to £2,000 a day.

He told The Sun: “I was smoking and the dealer brought me some white stuff and said ‘try that’. I tried it and I was like, ‘Bring £1,000-worth round’.

“It just went from there. I started sniffing the world away. Money was no object at the time.”

Michael later claimed he bedded 4,000 women during his high-spending sex and drugs binges.

He admitted: “I could stay up for four or five days on coke.”

Sex in every room and coke on silver plates

“In every room in my house people would be f*** ing. Women would just come up to me and offer me sex.

“The girls would have all their gear off and they’d be serving cocaine on silver plates.

“I think the most women I have been with in one night is eight. That’s why they call me Master Micky.”

It wasn’t just the actual drugs that cost him dear – he also splashed £90,000 on bail bonds for his druggy pals.

The non-stop parties infuriated neighbours and Carroll added to their anger by racing old bangers and dirt bikes around his estate at all hours and hosting demolition derbies, smashing up cars for fun.

Chucking Big Macs and nuggets out car window

He and his pals would also drive around the Norfolk countryside in luxury cars throwing Big Macs and nuggets at pedestrians.

He clocked up more than 30 court appearances in the years that followed, including one for threatening youngsters with a baseball bat at a Christian sing-a-long.

He would show up at court in a souped-up motor, swigging lager and covered in chunky bling jewellery.

‘King of Chavs’

In 2005, he was given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order for causing thousands of pounds worth of damage during a drunken wrecking spree with a catapult.

Magistrates heard how he smashed 32 shop and car windows with ball-bearings fired from a Mercedes van emblazoned with the phrase “King of Chavs”.

That same year, his accountant wrote to tell him that he was down to the last million.

Amid the orgies he briefly dated waitress Gemma Pearce, who revealed he would ravish her when she got home from her job at the Little Chef.

She said:“I think the uniform was a big turn-on. If I came home smelling like a chip pan he loved it.”

The life and crimes of Michael Carroll

January 2002: Given two months in a young offenders institute for joyriding

November 2002: Wins £9.7million jackpot.

May 2005: Cops storm his room at London’s Tower Thisle Hotel to break-up an all-night booze and drugs bender

June 2005: Cops called to his room at the International Britannia on East London’s Isle of Dogs. Carroll had reportedly swung from a chandaleier and blown up a televsion.

August 2005: Fined £3,000 by JPs in King’s Lynn for having cannabis and failing to attend a previous court hearing.

June 2005: Charged with smashing up cars using a ball-bearing gun.

December 2005: Cops arrest Carroll over alleged attack on ex-girlfriend Sam Howard.

October 2005: Police called after bouncers a strip club in Peterborough, Cambs, rumble him with cocaine. He scarpers before they arrive.

December 2005: Sun reveals Carroll’s accountant has written to him to say he is down to his last million.

January 2006: Sun reveals Carroll has been granted legal aid ahead of a criminal trial for affray.

February 2006: Convicted of affray and sentenced to nine months

June 2006: Freed after serving half his term

July 2006: Takes out mortgages on two of his properties hoping to begin an investment company

February 2010: Puts his ruined mansion up for sale

February 2012: Given a nine month discharge by magistrates for pinching Strongbow ciders from a supermarket.

By 2012 Michael was penniless and had to go back on the dole for six months.

“There was a few funny looks when I went to sign on, but it didn’t bother me too much,” he said.

“I was more upset about not getting served in pubs.”

Carroll — who has served three prison terms for car theft, drugs and affray — was barred from every boozer in his area after a series of angry flare-ups.

He said: “My mugshot was behind every bar in the county, and even the places I’d behaved over the years in told me I was no longer welcome.

“Pubs I’d been going to since I was seven or eight-years-old closed their doors in my face.

“I was sick to my teeth of the place. It was time to move on.”

200 daggers on the walls

Michael had spent £390,000 on his eight-bedroom Norfolk mansion in 2002 and a further £200,000 was spent on improvements including a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

But when he sold it for £150,000 years later, photos showed ripped up, blood-splattered walls and fixtures and fittings smashed to pieces.

Floors and walls were covered in graffiti while the land surrounding it was strewn with the wreckage of his banger car races.

He also bought a holiday house in Spain which he decorated with more than 200 daggers and swords ordered from online catalogues.

He bought a second British home, which he put in in the name of a relative fearing Sandra ‘s lawyers might ask for a share, but that backfired when the relative kicked him out.

In order to start again, Michael upped sticks and moved 500 miles north of the border hoping his reputation wouldn’t follow him.

In Scotland he was briefly reunited with Sandra but she returned home to Northern Ireland after the relationship failed once again.

‘I was like James Bond – I had a licence to kill’

He worked as a forklift driver in a biscuit factory and then did a five-year stint as a slaughter man in an abattoir.

He said: “I became a fully licensed slaughterman.

“I was like James Bond: I had a license to kill. On any given day I might shoot up to 400 cattle. It was great.”

After five years blasting bovines, Mikey was left devastated when the Dunbia abattoir in Elgin shut its doors last April.

“When I got laid off they gave me a cheque for £4,900.

“Back when I was rich, money like that was peanuts to me. I could spend that in a day.

“But times had changed though and I was delighted to get any pay-off at all.”

‘If I won again I’d still work’

Carroll’s life has now changed beyond all recognition.

He has swapped his five bedroom, six-acre country pile in Norfolk for a £500-a-month two-bedroom house in Elgin, Scotland.

His fleet of 20 motors – which included a Hummer, a Lexus, and several BMWs — was sold off and the money frittered away and today he either bums lifts to work or trudges there by foot.

He now works up to 12 hours a day delivering coal and logs for £10-an-hour and says he’s “not bitter” about his change of lifestyle.

“Easy come, easy go. “Going broke is the best thing that happened to me and, believe me, I had a great time doing it.”

“People often say to me, what does it feel like to have lost all that money? I tell them I didn’t lose it. I spent it”.

Today he still does the occasional lotto lucky pick, and has wise words of advice for future winners.

“Don’t quit work whatever you do. Even if it’s just a few hours a day, stay working.

MICHAEL was just 19 when he scooped a huge win. He blew it on properties he wrecked, wild parties at £50k a time and £2000 a day on cocaine. He now works delivering logs for £10 an hour in Scotland.

Lotto lout Michael Carroll is a skint coalman working 7 days a week after blowing £9.7m winnings but is ‘happier now’

  • 15 Nov 2019, 22:39
  • Updated : 16 Nov 2019, 16:05

LOTTO lout Michael Carroll is a skint coalman who works seven days a week, but swears he’s “happier now” after blowing his £9.7million winnings.

Michael, 36, bagged the money in 2002 after buying a £1 ticket when he was 19 and working as a binman in Norfolk.

After a mind-blowing 10 years, he says he has no regrets and is glad he has his life back.

Michael, who now lives in Moray, told The Mirror: “It didn’t go wrong – it was the best 10 years of my life for a pound.

“I don’t look back with any regrets that’s for sure. It was 10 years of fun for a pound, you can’t go wrong with that.

“I wouldn’t want to turn the clock back. But I live a good, free lifestyle now and I’m happier because I’ve got my life back.”

For years Michael blew his money on booze, drugs, sex and friends, gaining the title “King of the Chavs”.

Michael appeared in court more than 30 times, often in luxury cars and swigging a can of beer.

His drinking and wild holidays in the brothels in Puerto Banus with his mates put an end to his short marriage to Sandra Aitken, who was seven months pregnant with their daughter when he won the lottery.

When he won the jackpot he immediately gave £4million away.

Michael, whose dad died when he was 10, gave a million to his mum, his aunt and his uncle, his ex-wife Sandra and his ex-wife’s mum.

He was then left with £5.7million, which he also used to buy his eight-bedroom £390,000 Norfolk mansion – the spot for wild parties and demolition derbies.

His mansion fell into disrepair and the other two that he bought eventually slipped from his fingers.

By 2012 his money had gone and he’d been barred from every pub for miles around.

He moved to Scotland for a fresh start and is now single, rents a £500-a-month, two-bed house and walks to work or bums lifts.

He worked as Walkers biscuit factory in Aberlour and the worked at a slaughterhouse until it shut down.

Lotto lout Michael Carroll is a skint coalman working 7 days a week after blowing £9.7m winnings but is ‘happier now’ 15 Nov 2019, 22:39 Updated : 16 Nov 2019, 16:05 LOTTO lout ]]>