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ASMFC Begins Preparations for
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Arlington, VA – The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has begun work on the next American Eel
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The Commission welcomes the submission of data
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Maine Elver Fishermen Association

Make sure you have back up power/air if you are holding elvers..power is going out all over the state tonight. Julie Keene

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Maine to start elver license lottery

Samuel Hill

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Maine is implementing a new lottery system for licenses to fish for baby eels, or elvers, in the 2018 season.

Elvers have become a major 10-week springtime fishery in Maine as the value of juvenile eels on the worldwide sushi market has boomed in recent years. Licensed fishermen earned an average of $1,302 per pound this year, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Fishermen netted 9,282 pounds for the season, earning a reported $12.08 million and leaving about 334 pounds of quota on the table.

The elvers — about 2,000 make a pound — are shipped live throughout Asia where they are raised in aquaculture ponds and later harvested for the seafood market.

Industry members and lawmakers say the fishery needs a way to bring new people in, as a large portion of the state’s elver fishermen are nearing retirement age.

The law authorizes up to 425 elver fishing licenses a year, according to AP reports. The application fee to enter the lottery costs $35, and a resident license will cost $205 if an entrant wins. Non-resident licenses will cost $542.

The law is expected to pass this fall and states the first lottery could be held in February 2018.

Maine is implementing a new lottery system for licenses to fish for baby eels, or elvers, in the 2018 season. The fishery has boomed in recent years.