lottery winner buys lamborghini

Lotto winner splashes out on Lamborghini

A NEW lottery millionaire is planning to buy his dream supercar – after
finding his winning ticket hidden in the glove box of his battered old Audi.

Stunned Gavin Davies, a professional cage fighter, was knocked out when the
numbers he bought 17 days earlier hit the jackpot.

He checked them on unlucky Friday 13th – and found he had landed £1m.

Gavin, 29, is now going to treat himself to a Lamborghini – and tried a
borrowed one for size yesterday.

He has promised himself a Lamborghini Spyder LP560-4 which will cost him in
the region of £150,000.

He said: “I can’t wait to visit the showrooms to choose one – I will be like a
kid in a sweetshop.

“And I’ll still have the best part of a million pounds to play with.”

The former forklift truck operator added: “I’ve always said I’m going to be a
millionaire one day – I spend about £25 every week on tickets.

“I’ve won small amounts a few times but because my partner is always cleaning
up around the house they’ve gone unclaimed.

“This one was in the car and she’d been driving it around for a week – I’m
lucky she didn’t clean it out.”

Gavin, who has had two professionally cagefights, bought his winning
EuroMillions ticket in his home town of Neath, South Wales on December 27.

But no-one came forward to claim the prize and Camelot launched a local
publicity campaign to ask: “Is it you?”

Gavin’s grandad saw the ad and told him: “Check your old lottery tickets – you
could be a millionaire.”

He then went through scraps of old papers and receipts in the glove box of his
battered Audi and discovered the winning ticket last Friday – January 13.

Gavin and his partner, 22, whose identity he is keeping secret, had a baby boy
together last month – so December 2011 is a time he will never forget.

He added: “I’d just put the baby to bed when I checked the ticket. I was
jumping up and down for joy making a racket – the baby wasn’t asleep for
long I can tell you.

“Becoming a millionaire at any time is great but being 29 and having my first
child it could not have come at a better time.

“I’ve always wanted a Lamborghini and now I’m going to be purring around in
one. I’m going to be the most popular man in town!”

Gavin survived a near fatal motorbike crash in 2006 when he broke both his
legs and was told he would never walk again.

He proved them wrong and used his martial arts training to become a
professional cage fighter – making a victorious debut in 2009.

But he broke his shoulder in the second fight and was still on the injured
list when his winning ticket came up.

He said: “I will continue to train but now I’m a millionaire with a baby I’m
through with fighting professionally.

“I’ve hardly slept since I realised I’d won – I’ve just been lying in bed
thinking how lucky I am.

“The Lamborghini is my one big purchase – I’m going to invest the rest and
turn it into £10m.”

A National Lottery spokesman said: “We’re delighted that Gavin has now come
forward and we hope that he will enjoy the win – it’s certainly a great way
to start 2012.

“It would have been awful if the ticket-holder had missed out on this
substantial and life-changing amount of money.

“We would like to remind all National Lottery players to check their tickets
every time they play.”

But despite his windfall Gavin still cannot afford Lamborghini’s most
expensive supercar – the Italian Sesto Elemento costs around £1.9 million.

Lotto winner splashes out on Lamborghini A NEW lottery millionaire is planning to buy his dream supercar – after finding his winning ticket hidden in the glove box of his battered old Audi.


Lotto Powerball $10m winner’s plan to buy a Lamborghini

A Christchurch man who scooped a $10.5 million win on Lotto Powerball plans to buy a Lamborghini.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, hit the jackpot in Wednesday’s draw.

He said he was overwhelmed with his “unbelievable” win but adamant about what was at the top of his shopping list.

“I’m going to buy my dream car – a Lamborghini,” he laughed.


“I’ve always wanted one so why not now.”

The man is a regular player and was grocery shopping on Monday when he decided to pick up a ticket for Wednesday’s draw.

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“I usually buy a Power Dip, but I saw the Father’s Day promotion was on that weekend, so I decided to get a Triple Dip instead – you’ve got to be in to win.

“I always buy a Dip and choose my own Powerball number – Powerball 9, it’s a special number to me and is also my birthday.”

On Thursday a work colleague mentioned that the man should check his ticket because Powerball had been won with a ticket sold at Bishopdale New World.

“I thought to myself, ‘It can’t be me, it’s not possible, so many people buy their tickets there’.”

The next morning the man went back to the store to check his ticket.

“I used the ticket checker first and ‘Division 1 winner’ came up. I just said, ‘Oh my God is this real?’ “


The winner handed his ticket over to the Lotto operator who put it through the machine and confirmed his win.

“The Lotto lady was so excited for me; it was such a surreal moment – I still can’t believe it.”

The man planned to celebrate his big win with a “cook-up” at home with his family – and a new Lamborghini.

He also plans to go on a trip somewhere in the South Island where he can relax and start to plan his new future.

"I'm going to buy my dream car – a Lamborghini," says NZ's newest millionaire. ]]>