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Lottery Ticket Cake Teacher Appreciation Gift

If you have been following Giggles Galore for a while it should come as no surprise that I love creating fun, clever, and tasty Teacher Appreciation gifts. Over the years I have made several projects to celebrate our teachers. Some of them, like my Teacher Appreciation Helping Me Grow Flower Pot, continue to be some of my most popular posts. Which, means you guys love Teacher Appreciation week too…that or you are desperate for easy last minute gift ideas your teacher will love. Don’t sweat it y’all, I’ve teamed up with FloraCraft to show you how to make this super easy Lottery Ticket Cake Teacher Appreciation Gift.

When it comes to teachers, ours take the cake! We have been lucky to be blessed with such amazing, caring, and fun teachers. So this year we are celebrating our teachers in a big way, with a lucky Lottery Ticket Cake. Just like the recent no bake candy cake I made, I’m using my favorite FloraCraft® Styrofoam® Cake Form in two different sizes.

What You Will Need:

  • FloraCraft® Styrofoam® Cake Form
  • Multi-surface glue dots
  • $30-40 in lottery tickets
  • Small straight pins
  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Free Lucky Lottery Teacher Appreciation Printables and You Take the Cake Teacher Appreciation Printables
  • Mini cake

Step 1:

Purchase lottery tickets. I am the room mom for my daughter’s class and we collected donations for this class gift. I asked each student to donate $1-2 dollars and used the money to purchase a bunch of lottery tickets.

Step 2:

Trace your cake form on a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it out. Use the multi-surface glue dots to attach the scrapbook paper to the top of each cake form.

Step 3:

Next, it’s time to start assembling your lottery cake. Start with the bottom layer and use the bigger lottery tickets. Use the small straight pins to pin the lottery ticket to the cake form. I used pins in each of the corners and layered the lottery tickets to minimize the number of pins needed.

Step 4:

Move on to the second layer of the cake and start “frosting” it with the remaining lottery tickets.

Step 5:

Once you have covered all of the cake form with the lottery tickets it’s time to “frost” the tops with the cut out scrapbook paper. Now, it’t time to add the pieces together. I simply ran a small dab of hot glue, on the lowest temperature setting, around the bottom of the smaller cake form. Place it on top of the bigger cake and hold in place until secure. I wrapped ribbon around the top layer to hide the seams of the layered lottery tickets.

Step 6:

Place a mini cake on top for the final layer, and an extra sweet treat for your teacher.

Step 7:

Download, print and cut out the free teacher appreciation tags. Attach them to the back of a bamboo stick and insert into the cake form.

In less than 15 minutes you will have a fun teacher appreciation gift to celebrate your favorite teacher. I feel so lucky to have such amazing teachers for my children and I hope that they get a little bit of luck and win big with this gift.

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When it comes to teachers ours takes the cake! We are lucky to have them and are celebrating them with a Lottery Ticket Cake Teacher Appreciation Gift. ]]>