lottery statistic analyser

Lottery statistic analyser

Here are few of the features found in LSA
? Powerful plus one draw predictions.
? Displays past draw results
? Analyse past numbers
? Create various reports
? Perform regression analysis on past draws
? View detailed information on each number
? Find the best numbers to play based on evry combination possible in the entire draw, find where to position numbers on your ticket for the best % to win.
? Find what numbers are currently Hot , warm or cold
? Display detailed number frequency information
? Display averages of each ball appearance including bonus numbers.
? Interactive graphs. Move the mouse over the graph to display various statistics.
? Numerical Placement Odds.

Lottery Statistic Analyser: Lottery software, features the worlds best preforming wheels 20-35% more wins, on line updates, statistical reports, predictions, next due, ball occurrence reports and more, Why place random numbers each week when you can place mathematical fact.