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‘For the jillionth time, I have looked everywhere! That winning lottery ticket has got to be in his pants!’

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“If I won the lottery, I would go on living as I always did.”

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“Professor Roche has just won the coveted New York State Lottery.”

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“Hit ’em right after they won the lottery.”

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“Those two are recent Powerball money. The people by the table are old state-lottery money.”

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“You’ll be sorry you made that crack if I win the lottery.”

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This Week’s Winning Numbers

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I’m a member of four class action suits and I play the lottery each week. That’s my retirement plan.

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‘I’m sorry. The possibility that you may have won $10 million in the sweepstakes won’t do as collateral.’

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“I’ve just been notified by Publisher’s Clearing House that I may have already won ten million dollars, but in case I haven’t I need money to fix my driveway.”

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Trying to make ends meet in a parallel universe.

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‘My investment objective is to keep up with my neighbors, the Joneses, who just won the lottery.’

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A man shows up to a lottery winner’s door with a 1040 form.

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“My pension plan has always been to invent something and get rich fast, but now it’s winning the lottery.”

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‘Retirement plan? Well, every week a dollar of your salary goes toward the purchase of a lottery ticket.’

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“As a potential lottery winner, I totally support tax cuts for the wealthy.”

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“If you would like to receive a guaranteed annual income of a million dollars or more, press ‘one’ now.”

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‘I want to give back to my community by helping others. Aren’t lottery winners a particularly sad and needy group?’

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Comparing lottery odds with bus punctuality.

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“Peggy was so excited that we won something on the lottery ticket, I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was only two dollars!”

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‘I only need a job until I win the lottery.’

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Angel Wins Publisher’s Clearing House

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‘Health Clinic for the insured: Practice limited to lottery winners only.

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“I won a million dollars in an online lottery, and as I was tranferring the money to my bank account, the computer froze.”

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