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Lotto Agent Review Overview

What We Like:

  • Affordable ticket prices
  • 100+ payment methods accepted
  • Great mobile app

What We Don’t Like:

  • No syndicates, millionaire raffles, or other games

Check out Lotto Agent for a reliable, easy-to-use website and secure lottery services at affordable prices.

Lotto Agent operates out of Belize, with staff in the US, Latin America, and Europe. The company started in 2012, which makes it relatively younger than other lottery agents. Despite this, it has quickly climbed our rankings thanks to major points like great security measures, a range of supported payment methods, and deep discounts allowing you to buy lottery tickets at very attractive prices.

We have a few quibbles that keep Lotto Agent from taking the top spot. Nevertheless, it is a great option for players who want to be official participants in lotteries from around the globe.

What is Lotto Agent?

As its name suggests, Lotto Agent is an online lottery agent. It takes users’ entries online and buys official tickets on users’ behalf.

How does it work?

As an online lottery agent, Lotto Agent helps you buy tickets for official lottery games from different countries. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Sign up for a Lotto Agent account
  2. Make your first purchase through the Lotto Agent website
  3. The company sends its staff to buy actual entries for your lottery game
  4. They send you a scan of your ticket as proof of ownership

Lotto Agent gives you access to 24 different lotteries, with no limits on how many tickets you can buy.

You also have the option of leveraging syndicates for some of the popular worldwide lotteries helping you save some money while increasing your odds of winning.

But if you’re looking to play scratchcards online you’re out of luck as Lotto Agent doesn’t offer them. If that’s the case, we recommend you check out LottoLand and their offering of about 50 scratchcard games.

With Lotto Agent, you do have some neat options when it comes to playing your chosen lottery and winning extra money:

  • Multiple draws: When you buy a ticket, you can choose to use the same numbers in upcoming draws. Lotto Agent automatically records your choices and enters these in the next games.
  • Subscriptions: Similar to multi-draw purchases, a subscription automatically buys you tickets for all upcoming draws within your chosen period.
  • Systematic forms: You can select more numbers and buy entries that cover as many combinations of those numbers as possible. Lotto Agent is one of the few lottery agents that give you this option.

This site helps you play official lotteries, so you’re always a valid participant. It means that you’ll have no problems claiming your prizes if you happen to have the winning numbers. What’s more, your winnings will be paid by the lottery operator itself.

Login and Signup

This website offers quick, easy login and registration.

You can get a Lotto Agent account with a snap of your fingers — or close enough, anyway. To register, you just need your name, email address, and preferred password.

Already registered but cannot find their login page? You can bring up the login form by clicking the “Log In” option at the top of the Lotto Agent website.

General Information on Lotto Agent (AKA AgentLotto)

Lotto Agent started in 2012, making it a one of the younger lottery agents. It’s owned and operated by Agento Ltd., which is based in Belize. As part of its operations, the company maintains a main office in Belize, as well as teams in the USA, Latin America, and Europe. The company also holds a gaming license from the Government of Curacao.

Review of Lotto Agent’s Games, Promos, Bonuses

Promo Codes, Vouchers, and Discount Codes

No need for promo codes here: Lotto Agent includes discounts by default when you buy multiple tickets. Even just jumping up to 3 entires, for example, gets you 6% off immediately.

That said, Lotto Agent does regularly send promo codes to users via email. If you’ve already got an account, keep an eye on your inbox for deeper discounts, allowing you to increase the chance of having the winning numbers at a lower price.

Moreover, they also offer a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” ticket promo.

Other Deals and Offers

If you get a subscription, you’ll get every 10th ticket for free.

The company also runs “Invite a Friend” promos. You can earn $5 credits for every friend who signs up and buys a ticket.

Just some of the games offered at Lotto Agent.

Popular Games

Lotto Agent has a good selection of games, though more variety would’ve been better.

Lotto Agent gives you access to 24 different lotteries from the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Lotto Agent claims to have selected the best-value lotteries from these areas. A quick look shows they’ve hit this goal: Users get a good mix of affordable lotteries that nevertheless offer sizable prizes and a range of odds for hitting the winning numbers.

Here are all the games you’ll get at Lotto Agent:

US Powerball US Mega Millions EuroJackpot EuroMillions
SuperEnaLotto La Primitiva Oz Lotto (Australia) US SuperLotto Plus
Australia Powerball Lotto America (US) SuperStar (Italy) Saturday Lotto (Australia)
Lotto 6/49 (Canada) El Gordo de la Primitiva Lotto Ireland UK Lotto
New York Lotto BonoLoto France Lotto Lotto 6 aus 49
Lotto Austria Mon & Wed Lotto (Australia) Thunderball UK Mega Sena

Lotto Agent carries two Powerball games: the blockbuster US Powerball and the more modest Australian variant.

You can buy up to 20 lines (tickets) at a time. The company automatically adds discounts if you buy 3 or more entries, so this site can definitely be an affordable option for Powerball enthusiasts.

New players are in luck: the Powerball page includes essential information about the game. You can read up on everything from how many numbers you’ll need to how high the tax is when you hit the winning numbers.

If you’re specifically interested in the Powerball game (whether US or Australian), you can even sign up for email notifications of jackpots and upcoming draws.

This platform sets itself apart from the competition by offering live streams of the Powerball draw. If you’d like a bit more excitement when it comes to your lottery results, then definitely check out Lotto Agent. You’ll still get a quick list of results, but if you have more time to burn, watching the actual draw can offer some fun.

Mega Millions

This website also offers users the chance to play US Mega Millions. Like the Powerball, these tickets come with bigger discounts the more you buy.

You’ll also find information about the rules of this game. Do you want to know what the Megaplier does? How about the tax rate for the winnings? You’ll find the answers you need at the Lotto Agent site. Of course, that includes basics like draw schedules and results.

You can also view videos of the game’s draws. There’s a live stream for the latest draw, but you can also check out an archive of previous videos if you’d like.


Lotto Agent allows you to buy EuroMillions tickets, though it’s not specified which country your tickets will be bought in. One nice touch: while the jackpot is displayed in euros by default, this website includes a tooltip that converts the amount to US dollars.

The EuroMillions page also carries essential information about the game, like which numbers you can choose from and whether or not your winning will be taxed.

As with the US Powerball and Mega Millions, you can also watch the EuroMillions draw live.

Checking the Results

This website provides you with live streams of the draw and results for 24 lotteries.

You can find up-to-date winning numbers for the 24 lotteries you can play with Lotto Agent. There’s a quick-look list of the latest results for all lotteries. If you want more information, each game also gets its own page. There, you’ll find a live stream of the current draw, as well as lists of previous results. You can even check the video archive if you’d like to watch previous draws.

If you’re waiting for a specific draw, you can also sign up for email notifications to get instant updates on the winning numbers.

Other Lotto Agent Games and Syndicates

Scratch cards

Lotto Agent doesn’t offer any scratch cards.


It is now possible to buy entries as part of a syndicate at Lotto Agent, allowing you to increase your odds of winning while saving some money!

Only the most popular games, listed below, are available to play via syndicates.

US Powerball SuperLotto Plus Powerball Australia SuperEnalotto
La Primitiva EuroJackpot EuroMillions Mega Millions
Saturday Lotto Lotto Austria OZ Lotto

Security, Trust, and Scams

Is it a Scam?

Definitely not! This company has been in the online lottery business for over 8 years now. Its business model works by buying you (the user) official entries to your chosen lottery games. All of those on offer are all legitimate, state-run games, too — from the US Powerball to EuroMillions. That means you’re participating in established lotteries, and any prizes will be coming directly from the lottery operator.

All purchases include a scanned copy of your official entry. Their Terms and Conditions guarantee that you’ll get the physical ticket if you ever need to claim a prize. Plus, it is licensed and regulated by the Curacao government, so you’ve got a strong assurance that they won’t just take your winning for themselves.

Is it Legit?

Yes! The website is operated by Agento Ltd., a company that’s based in Belize. It carries a Curacao gaming license, too.

Is it Safe?

Definitely. All the information that passes through their website is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption provided by Comodo.

Financial transactions are also processed by Lotto Agent’s PCI compliant system, meaning your money goes through a system that passes the most demanding online banking regulations.

Is it a Real or Fake Company?

It is a real company that’s been offering online lottery services since 2012.

Who Owns It?

Agento Ltd. owns Lotto Agent. This company is based in Belize and maintains staff in all the countries that run the lotteries offered on the website.

How Do They Make Money?

The company adds a handling fee to all its ticket prices. It doesn’t charge a commission on your winnings.

Is it legal?

Yes! Lotto Agent holds a gaming service provider license from the government of Curacao. That means it’s passed official inspections and adheres to government regulations for handling lottery services.

Your country’s laws might forbid you from playing through an agent, though. It’s best to check if you’re in a country that allows you to play lotteries online.

Even though the onus of checking the local laws is on their website visitors, they do a good job at blocking visitors from countries that are prohibited from buying tickets online.

Does Lottery Critic Trust Lotto Agent?

Yes. This website ticks the most crucial boxes when it comes to security and reliability. There’s the strong 256-bit SSL encryption from one of the most trusted SSL certificate providers around. There’s legitimate government licensing. Finally, there’s compliance with financial standards that ensure your money is safe.

Payouts, Withdrawals, and Winners

Payout Rules

Lotto Agent gives you full support when it comes to claiming prizes.

Lotto Agent doesn’t deduct any commissions from your winnings. However, depending on the laws that apply to particular lotteries, they may have to subtract taxes and/or bank transfer fees before sending your prize money.

They break prizes down into 2 types:

  • Big or Locally Taxed Prizes: These include lottery jackpots, any prizes worth more than $2,500, and winnings subject to local tax
  • Secondary Winnings: Any other prizes

You’ll get secondary winnings credited straight to your Lotto Agent account. From there, you can withdraw the money using any of the available banking methods.

Big or locally taxed prizes usually need to be claimed in person. For these, Lotto Agent sends a representative to give you your physical ticket and assist you with the process of claiming your prize. In some cases, they may also help you with some of the expenses involved — especially if you live far from the country where the lottery operator is based.

How to Withdraw Money from Lotto Agent

There are 7 ways to withdraw money from your account. Depending on the chosen method, you might have to pay bank transfer fees.

Just go to your account’s “Withdrawals” page.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Lotto Agent gets two thumbs up for its wide range of payment methods.

This website gives you 14 deposit methods and 6 withdrawal methods to choose from. In the past, they also had support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which was dropped probably due to the fluctuations in cryptocurrency valuations.

Here’s a quick look at all the supported banking methods [updated July 2020]:

Deposit Methods
Visa US $ / € / ₹
MasterCard US $ / € / ₹
Maestro US$ / € / ₹
Skrill US$ / €
Sofort US$ / €
Trustly US$ / €
Giropay US$ / €
Paysafecard US$ / €
Nordea US$ / €
Eps US$ / €
Neteller US $ / € / Ք US$ / €
Withdrawal Methods
Transaction Fee Minimum Maximum Processing Days
Visa 5%, min $3.5 US$15 US$3,000 1-3
MasterCard 5%, min $3.5 US$15 US$3,000 1-3
Maestro 5%, min $3.5 US$15 US$3,000 1-3
Skrill 2% US$15 US$3,000 1-3
WebMoney 0.8% US$15 US$4,000 1-2
Bank Transfers Varies US$1,000 US$100,000 Varies

Has anyone won on Lotto Agent?

In total, they have paid out $49,284,878 to winners as of July 22nd, 2020.

Here are some of the latest prizes won as of July 2020:

  • Vincent U. from South Africa won €502.62 in SuperStar draw on July 21, 2020.
  • Cecile T. from Luxembourg and Salvador W. from Brazil both won $500.00 in the US Mega Millions draw on July 21, 2020.
  • Pedro H. from Mexico won $410.70 Australia’s Monday and Wednesday draw on July 22, 2020.

Review of Mobile Options

Lotto Agent offers a mobile app exclusively for Android.

This company lets its clients track and play their favorite lottery games on the go, if those users are on Android phones, that is. Anybody on an iOS device will have to make do with their mobile-optimized website.

That’s a shame since Lotto Agent’s excellent mobile app lets users:

  • Buy tickets for any of the 24 lotteries offered by Lotto Agent
  • View purchased tickets
  • View your purchased tickets
  • Get instant results for their favorite lotteries
  • Check their numbers to see if they’ve won
  • Receive instant notifications in case of a win

The app has a simple, uncluttered interface that runs smoothly on mobile. If you don’t have time to access their website on your computer, the mobile app is a great alternative.

Customer Support

Lotto Agent promises 24/7 support and DIY troubleshooting resources.

This company offers tons of guides to help new users get accustomed to the website. You’ll find step-by-step instructions for everything from buying your first ticket to depositing or withdrawing money. There’s also a comprehensive FAQ that does a good job of answering basic questions.

They also promise 24/7 support through the following channels:

  • Phone: +44 132 5525 688
  • Live chat
  • Email (through the Contact form on their site)
  • Facebook Messenger

Unfortunately, their live chat doesn’t always have enough agents to keep up with the demand. The chatbox doesn’t let you know how long you’ll have to wait, either.

Our Experience with Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent doesn’t stray far from the formula, but it does that formula right.

Lotto Agent is relatively new for a lottery website, and it seems more focused on offering a well-curated experience rather than a staggering range of services. Still, this focus seems to be paying off as it delivers one of the most pleasant online lottery experiences available.


Lotto Agent’s website has a straightforward, user-friendly design, though it could use more language options.

This website instantly gives you the latest draw results, upcoming draws, and links to promos — all without feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

The top navigation bar gives you a convenient starting point for jumping to key pages like ticket purchases and lottery results. One small quibble: you’d never know there was a mobile app unless you saw the Android Play Store download button in the site’s footer.

While this website caters to an international audience, it only has 4 language options on its website. There’s English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. The effort to include multi-language support is appreciated, but it would’ve been better if there were more languages available.

Limited language options.

Playing Experience

Lotto Agent walks you through key processes like buying a ticket.

You only need a few steps to buy tickets on this website. What’s great is that there are instructions throughout the page: You’ll know what steps you need to take next, as well as what your options are. For example, are you unsure about playing a single draw, signing up for multiple draws, or subscribing? You just need to hover over the “?” icons to get some tips.

Systematic Forms

It is one of the few lottery sites with systematic forms.

Systematic forms allow players to purchase an entry that plays more numbers than normal tickets. Systematic forms boost your chances of winning since they cover as many number combinations as possible.

Initially, theLotter was the only website with this feature. But now, Lotto Agent has it too! And we see it becoming more common across other online lottery platforms.

Their systematic forms feature lets you purchase tickets with anywhere from 6 to 10 numbers, translating to 6 to 252 lines. Even better, each option comes at a significant discount, from 11% up to 15% off.

Live Streams

Lotto Agent offers a unique feature: live streaming.

On this website, you can pull up live feeds for just about every lottery game. Plus, you can watch past videos via their archives. To be honest, live streams aren’t groundbreaking nor particularly helpful. But they do make the experience more engaging compared to simply checking for lotto results.

Australian Lotteries

Lotto Agent supports the major Australian lotteries:

  • Oz Lotto
  • Australia Powerball
  • Australia Monday Lotto
  • Australia Wednesday Lotto
  • Australia Saturday Lotto

While it is not an official partner of any Australian lottery operators, but Australians are still welcome to play through the website.

US Lotteries

This website offers two of the biggest US lotteries — the Powerball and Mega Millions — as well as smaller games like the New York Lotto and Lotto America.

Unfortunately, the US’ federal laws still forbid citizens from participating in online lotteries. If you’re based in a different country though, then you can probably play any of these games through this website.

Final Thoughts on Lotto Agent

You should definitely check out Lotto Agent. Despite a few shortcomings, you get a good playing experience without breaking the bank.

It is probably one of the most affordable lottery agents available online. You can get most discounts automatically — just buy 3 or more tickets or get a friend to sign up, for example. There are a few hiccups here and there: the mobile app should have had an iOS version, for example. But overall, this website has excellent security, a well-designed website, and impressive support for any and all players who choose to play through their site.

If you’d like a premium online lottery experience without having to pay premium prices, give Lotto Agent a try today.

15 Comments on Product Lotto Agent

I have EU & U.S. passports. I’d like to play lotteries online, but have been told by a few sites that Americans, resident in America, are barred from doing so. However, I haven’t had American residency in years & obviously don’t live there. Still, Live Chat workers on the gambling sites have said their Terms bar Americans from playing w/ them, but I don’t think they understand the nuance as I’ve just explained it.

Do you know what the law is regarding Americans utilizing said sites & do you know of any that I can avail to make wagers?

Hi Joe. Great question. For most online lottery sites, your passport and citizenship don’t matter, only your current geographical location (country). We’ve never come across a site where being American (or any nationality, for that matter) would bar you from playing. Mind telling us what sites told you such so we can look into it further?

For your second question, our top pick is theLotter. It’s our favorite site to play lotto online and they’ll automatically let you know if you’re in a prohibited country. Hope this helps and best of luck to you.

Unfortunately, due to strict regulations we are not allowed to accept registration from US customers. That’s why you are not able to create an account with us and purchase your tickets.

We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience and we would like to assure you that we are doing our best for this to change.

In addition, should this legislation change we will inform you so that you can start playing worldwide lotteries with us!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Customer Service Team

Thanks for your post.

This link is what disturbs me:

Further, Lottoland has closed my account (it was active for years) after learning I have a U.S. passport – on the basis of that alone.

I also have created an account at theLotter in 2019 which is still open, but discovered your post.

I’ve been assured by theLotter that it’s perfectly fine for Americans to avail themselves of using their website to purchase online lottery tickets.

As you can probably guess – I’m scared to death of winning!

Hi guys ,
With the advent of the new legislation passed recently in Australia , can you shed any light on the issue of Lotto Agent’s legality for Australian citizens ?? … we understand the Lotter has already been banned …
Thanks ,

Hey Steve, thanks for asking! We’ve reached out to Lotto Agent about the issue. Rest assured we’ll update the review as soon as we get concrete details direct from the company themselves.

You’re making somuch late after came results…because yesterday I have payed bonolotto..result came ..but here not updated till now…

Suppose if I get a jackpot, how could I claim the prize money from india, should I personally go and collect or lotto agent may arrange to get it and credit to my bank account on behalf of me

Hi Prasanna, that usually depends on the lottery game operator: most lottery games will require you to claim the ticket in person. Lotto Agent can’t do anything about this, but they do extend a lot of assistance. You can expect a Lotto Agent representative to give you dedicated support throughout the process.

Am just curious to know how does the transaction works if one wins.. from India. Taxation ? Has anyone won from India ?

Hey Arpana, you’ll still need to claim jackpots in person. As for taxation, that depends entirely on your local laws. Best to check those and reach out to Lotto Agent for the detailed prize claiming procedure. Thanks!

Thanks for AgentLotto now we can play U.S lotteries in VietNam

can i trust if i won lump sum first prize can i get it easily from India?
will help to collect my prize money?

Hi, Pagow! Most of the time, you’ll have to claim the jackpot in person. This is usually because of rules set by the lottery operator. The good news is that Lotto Agent tries to make everything as easy as possible! They’ll call you up, guide you through the process of claiming the prize, and help you with all the necessary arrangements.

Recently i have had a bad experience with Lotto Agent. I lost 15$ because they just wanted to show off like professionals than are really concerned about solving the issue. They always react like cunning foxes giving bull$hit political answers, that too after taking too many days to respond… Finally when I gave up on getting back my 15$, they were literally happy to end the ticket. Now I can say, I actually dealt with beggars, not professionals.

Lotto Agent offers an affordable, reliable online lottery experience. You’ll get 24 lottery games, airtight security, and even livestreams of lottery draws!

What is a Lottery Agent?

In a nutshell, online lottery agents act as bridges between you and official lotteries.

Lottery agents are middlemen who purchase lottery tickets on your behalf. They perform a simple task that powers most online lottery sites and enables you to participate in international games, like Powerball, Megamillions, EuroMillions, Lotto Max, to name a few.

But buyer beware! There’s more to online lottery games than a mere click on the “buy” button. To fully understand what a lottery agent is, here are some basic questions to ask yourself:

  1. Exactly, how do they work?
  2. Why is it important to receive a scan of your tickets?
  3. Why is there a price increase?
  4. Are lottery agents safe to transact with?
  5. Why are lottery agents the better choice versus a betting website?

How Do Lottery Agents Work?

Lottery agents usually have numerous offices scattered all over the globe. They can quickly go out and buy the actual lottery tickets on your behalf.

For example, if you buy a ticket for Spain’s La Primitiva lottery, one of the lottery site’s agents in that area will purchase the ticket for you. Si! Someone will hop on the EMT, buhos (for you night owls that need a ticket after midnight), autobus or their Vespa and bring you one step closer to your winning ticket!

Most will then scan the tickets, send a copy to your account, and keep the original for safekeeping. When you do need the original tickets, most lottery agents will be more than happy to give it you—while some will offer to claim the prize for you.

Why Scan Your Lottery Tickets?

Ticket scanning provides another layer of security as it assures you that your entry into each lottery game is legitimate—and that the ticket is yours to begin with.

Some lottery agents do not scan the tickets. So, you’ll have to trust them when they say they have your ticket and that you own it. Risky business! What if you won but the site claims you don’t own the ticket? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it will happen—just that it can, simply because you don’t have a copy of the ticket.

It’s important to note, however, that some sites have generally good payout records despite not scanning tickets. Still, lottery sites that offer scans are definitely the better option—just for that added peace of mind.

Why Do Lottery Agents Cost More?

Some lottery agents’ ticket prices are slightly more expensive because they need to cover the costs of purchasing the actual tickets, scanning them, and storing them for safekeeping.

Generally, the price increase isn’t significant—just a few dollars or cents. You’re paying for the convenience the lottery agents offer and is worth the minimal “handling fees”. Then there are those that don’t increase ticket prices at all but make up for it by taking a percentage from your winnings—and that’s not taking into account the taxes that need to be paid to the government. My choice would be to pay the small “handling fees” because what’s a few added cents or dollars compared to hundreds, if not thousands, taken from your winnings?

Are Lottery Agents Safe?

Most lottery agents are generally safe to deal with, but there are some that you might want to avoid.

One example are lottery agents that pay your winnings in annuity and offer no other option. If you’re not careful and you accept their terms of service blindingly, don’t be surprised to see your winnings slowly drip-fed to your account over many months.

In other words, you won’t get your prize as a lump sum, and they’ll hang on to the entire thing as long as they can.

Speaking of blindly accepting a company’s terms of service, another trick that some shady lottery agents use is by giving freebies to distract you from reading the fine print. The next thing you know, you’re paying for a subscription you never opted to in the first place.

Another trick they use to produce the same results is to lessen the information they provide, especially with regards to charges. If a company’s fine print doesn’t clarify important points, there’s a good chance they can find a loophole to use to their advantage.

Why Choose Lottery Agents?

Despite the drawbacks—and the few bad eggs—online lottery agents are still the better choice between the two types of lottery sites in the industry, simply because they offer better value.

Compared to lottery sites that simply allow you to bet on the outcome of lottery games, lottery agents are players’ gateways to official lotteries around the world.

Sure, betting sites can offer prices that are comparable to the actual retail value of tickets, but the latter actually buys the tickets for you. Not only that, but because you are an official entrant, you are guaranteed to receive your prize.

While betting sites take out insurance policies, paying hefty premium fees so they can actually pay winners, there are still some risks involved. Remember, you are dealing with a private company and not a government-run lottery. And while they can lower ticket prices, you are essentially taking on more risk when it comes to being paid your winnings.


Is lotto agent raeal? Any fraud is there in gaming with lottery through lotto agent? Will they distribute the prize amount to the winners account with making any fraudnes? Can we trust on lotto agent, is it safe?

Hi, Satyanseelan, are you asking about lottery agents in general, or the specific company, Lotto Agent? If it’s the latter, we’ve found Lotto Agent to be a trustworthy service. You can check out our Lotto Agent review for more details. Hope this helps.

I didn’t win but it says to see lottery agent for high jackpot promotion. I tried to find moreminfo on google. No luck. Do I still have a chance to win if my tickets are scanned by an agent?

Hi Jennifer, do you mean something like a second-chance game with your lottery ticket? That would depend on your lottery agent. I think most agents would have no problems giving you the ticket information you need to enter a second-chance game. Hope this helps!

Ever wondered what lottery agents are? We get into the nitty gritty and reveal why many lotto players prefer them over the alternative.