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Loteria Card | La Luna #23

Our Devotion Loteria Cards are an artistic twist of one of the worlds oldest card games known as “La Loteria”. Garnish your decor with a taste of true cultural that has an authentic vintage style.

Introducing the La Luna #23 Loteria placard available in 2 sizes both the Large and Small wall hanging sculptures are made up of 2 pieces. The artisan sculpted hand painted Moon and thick ceramic tablet fix together with iron pin, tablet is equipped with a hook to hang on the wall, or display on easel for everyone to appreciate. Artisan sculpted ceramic that is hand painted in rich colors finished with varnish rub. This unique piece of Folk Art is inspired by the old world card game known as La Loteria, originating in Italy in the 15th century & brought to Mexico in 1769.

Large | 10”w x 14”h x 4”depth (placard + moon sculpture)
Small | 4”w x 6”h x 3”depth (placard + moon sculpture)
*Measurements include Loteria placard and small sculpture.

Artisanal Process of Creation
Very dense and durable ceramic which is fired in a Kiln that’s heated by wood. Display Indoor or outdoor(in covered area). Equipped to hang on wall. A dimensional sculpture, that is fused with metal wires which allow the accents (the moon sculpture) to be moved / manipulated.

The History of La Lotería.
Spanish for “the lottery”, Lotería is a card game that originated in Italy during the 15th century and was later brought to Mexico in the 1700’s. Lotería began in the old country as a hobby for the richer or upper classes of Spanish society, but eventually the card games popularity thrived in Mexico to become a big tradition for all classes of Mexican society. Sometimes referred to as the “Mexican game of chance” Loteria is similar to bingo. Using images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers on ping pong balls. Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. Each player has at least one tabla, a board with a randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures with their corresponding name and number. Players choose what tabla they want to play with, from a variety of previously created tablas. Each one presents a different selection of cultural images.

The Devotion Collection

A whimsical collection of hand-painted ceramic sculptures and artifacts. These jovial and vibrant creations are Artisan Sculpted from dense and durable ceramic high-fired in a large traditional red brick kiln. All of the signature designs in this collection have a story of “Devotion” that inspired their creation. Wether it be Devoted to your love, the Devotion of a furry companion, or the devotion towards a belief, a craft, a lifestyle, and everything in-between. Our devotion is designing and creating these unique creations, several of which are fused with metal wires allowing the ceramic accents (wings, thorns, crosses) to be manipulated. Every sculpture is hand painted and embellished with bright silver and gold metallic paints. This collection is a true combination of old world craftsmanship & whimsical artistry. Enjoy!

Loteria Card wall art from Mexico. Decorate your walls with an artistic twist from the oldest card games known as La Loteria. La Loteria wall art from Mexico. Sculptural wall art with a vintage Mexico twist. La Luna Loteria folk art inspired by the Latin game of chance. Authentic Loteria art from Mexico.

La Luna Mexican Retro Moon Vintage Loteria Art Print

A customer favorite! This moon design is based on the “La Luna” card from the vintage Mexican Loteria game. Great addition for a retro touch and versatile for pretty much any type of decor.

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Get nostalgic with this retro Mexican art print featuring La Luna from the vintage 1887 edition of the card game Loteria. We love the simplicity and gentle texture of this moon design, so we embellished some elements and modified the hues of the original design all while keeping the overall aesthetic. Perfect for boho home decor, kitschy wall art, and creating good vibes.

We offer three options for selecting the latest addition of art to your wall decor: flat prints, canvas wraps, and framed canvas wraps. Different sizes are available for each option, from ready-to-hang canvas to unframed to fit that frame you’ve had for a while. Find the one that best suits your needs.

All prints are archival quality and printed on lignen- and acid-free media using pigment inks that will uphold integrity and stay vibrant for 100+ years with proper care.

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Flat Prints

Our flat prints are versatile, affordable pieces that are ready for you to add the final touch. All flat prints are shipped unframed and unmounted and are available in small and large formats in different media types.

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Satin 60lb Semi-Gloss x x

Canvas Wraps

These classic canvas wraps feature edge-to-edge print on 100% cotton canvas stretched over an artist frame. Archival pigments inks ensure these high quality and long-lasting pieces will maintain color integrity and image sharpness for generations.

Framed Canvas Wraps

Upgrade your canvas wall art with these stylish walnut floating frames. The recycled plastic frame adds a modern and elegant feel to any piece of art. Elevate your wall art with these easy-to-install framed canvas wraps.


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Absolutely, we can accommodate most requests at no additional charge. Please contact us before placing your order to make sure we can fulfill your needs.

This archival quality giclée art print features the design of La Luna (moon) card from the vintage 1887 Loteria card game. This print is available in a selection of sizes and media.