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“I Found Your System in Gambling Times Magazine.”

When Sylvia McMorris from the Washington, D.C. lottery office called to tell me that their latest jackpot winner had won because he had followed my advice, I was absolutely delighted. Ms. McMorris asked me if I would come to Washington to be interviewed at a press conference with the winner, Leavelle Carter. I happily agreed to be there.

The press conference was held at the store where Leavelle Carter had bought his winning ticket. Reporters and camera crews from just about every local television station were there. Even TV crews from neighboring Maryland came to film the event.

It wasn’t the size of the jackpot that caused the big stir among the media, but the fact that Carter had used a system to beat the odds. The jackpot win was $606,023 to be paid in installments over a period of 20 years. For a $13 bet, Carter won not only the first prize jackpot but also three second prizes and one third prize for an additional $1,014.85. Carter beat the odds of one in 8,145,060 to win the jackpot; he also beat the odds of 10,821 THREE TIMES and 299 once.

Leavelle Carter won the D.C. Lucky Lotto using a lottery system I had explained in my feature article in the November 1984 issue of Gambling Times magazine. (Carter is the second Gambling Times reader to win a jackpot because of my articles. Ken Mathis was the first one.)

“Using this same system,” Carter declared to the media, “I plan to become the DC lottery’s first multiple jackpot winner!”

Carter’s wife, Phoebe, said she wasn’t at all surprised by her husband’s winning. “He’s hit consistently,” she said. “To him it’s a mental exercise. If he wants to keep doing it, it’s fine with me.”

They plan to use the money to make additions to their home and to start a graphic arts and composition business for Phoebe. Carter, 33, is assistant to the president of a company and Phoebe is a publishing consultant.

The press conference was held at the T & T Carry-Out store, 6217 Dix St., N.E., where Carter had purchased his winning tickets. Tarver Thomas, the DC lottery agent who owns the store, was also a happy winner. He received an incentive bonus of $6,060 for selling the winning ticket.

When I returned from D.C. late Tuesday, the telephone rang as soon as I walked in the door. It was more good news! According to a UPI article in Newsday, New York’s $13,333,333, jackpot winner Sharon Jaynes claimed, “she used a booklet she bought, ‘State Lotteries: How To Get In It And How To Win It’ by Gail Howard to pick her winning combination.”

It was a happy, heady week for me, being credited with helping two people win jackpots!! In addition to the thrill I feel in helping lottery players win, a great satisfaction to me is that publicized wins such as these provide concrete proof to others that my methods do work.

Leavelle Carter wrote: “This is to inform you that on Wednesday, May 21st, [1986], I was told by the Washington, D.C. Lottery Commission tht I had won first prize of $600,000+ and 3 second prizes and 1 4th prize using Gail Howard’s system. I got this system from the November 1984 issue of Gambling Times magazine. Leavelle Carter.”

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DC Lucky Lotto Winner $606,023 JACKPOT WON IN WASHINGTON, D.C. “I Found Your System in Gambling Times Magazine.” When Sylvia McMorris from the Washington, D.C. lottery office called to tell

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  • How to Win: The player wins when he/she matches three like winning symbols out of the five in any spin, in any order. The player wins the prize associated with the corresponding symbols in the Prize Legend.
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  • DC Jackpot tickets will expire 180 days from the date of purchase.
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Los premios deben ser reclamados dentro de los 180 días a partir de la fecha del sorteo.

The fastest way to win cash, instantly! *The jackpot amount shown here is updated hourly and is subject to the validation of the D.C. Lottery.