how to win texas two step

Texas(TX) Two Step Most Winning Pairs

Texas(TX) Two Step is designed as a lottery game that consists of choosing 4 winning numbers from a pool of 35 numbers, and a number from a separate set of 35 numbers. The 35 numbers have 595 possible pair combinations, and the 4 numbers resulted from each Two Step draw have 6 pair combinations. According to statistics, one pair combination should appear every 99 draws.

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The 50 most winning pairs of Two Step are calculated based on 2037 draws that have taken place Fri May 18, 2001 (09-10-13-22-01) through Mon Nov 23, 2020 (04-21-29-32-32).

In the total of 2037 draws, each pair combination is expected to appear 20 times. These below 50 most winning pairs obviously have above average performance.

Texas Two Step most wining pairs analysis show the most winning pairs in the drawing history.