how to use the lottery bible

How to use the lottery bible

Lottery Bible (1980-2020)

Our 40th Anniversary Year and still #1 in America.

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How To Use The Lottery Bible Sheet

Posted by NC Lottery Player on 19th Aug 2019

The Lottery Bible is great sheet to use, however the best way to use The Lottery Bible is to get the subscription for the entire year. All the numbers may not come within the month, however as you use the Lottery Bible sheet(s) every month through out the year the numbers eventually come out for your paticular state. I have been tracking numbers for NC since March 2018 and the sheet fills up as you track numbers throughout the year.

Need clear instructions

Posted by Theresa A on 27th Jan 2018

There is one main part of this book that I don’t understand which makes this book 90% useless. I’ve gotten several people to look at it and they can’t figure it out either. Is there someone I can contact?

The Best!

Posted by Steven Roach on 15th Dec 2017

The absolute best when picking your pick 3 numbers!! I won 6 times last month.

Awesome pick-threes

Posted by Laura on 28th Jun 2017

I use the Lottery Bible every day to keep up with the pick-threes and pick-fours numbers pulled by the Illinois State Lottery and the Lottery Bible numbers, I do not play every day, but I keep a daily log. I would say that 90% of the pick-threes that come out are on the Lottery Bible list. The bad part is picking the right number at the right time, but they are there. The opposite is true of the pick-fours. Only approximately 20% of the numbers drawn are on the Lottery Bible list.

My Lottery Bible

Posted by Donald Dick on 24th Jan 2017

I use the Lottery Bible every day

Lottery Bible Pick 3s

Posted by Laura Lewis on 17th Oct 2015

The Lottery Bible pick 3 is great. The numbers listed are ninety to ninety-five percent accurate to be drawn during that month. The only problem is picking the right number on the right date of drawing.

Lottery Bible Pick 3s Rock!

Posted by Laura Lewis on 1st Jun 2015

I really like the Lottery Bible for pick 3s. I have keep track of the picks 3s and 90% or better of the numbers come out. The pick 4s are just the opposite. Rarely are the pick 4 numbers on the sheet are drawn.


Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2015

Sent me some sheets for lotto, and hit 3 x straight


Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2014

damn scam

Posted by matthew on 22nd Aug 2014

why don’t you stop ripping the damn public all from the hard earn money by giving them false hope that this system of yours really work

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Lottery Not just Random!

How to use the Lottery Bible.

How to use the Lottery Bible…………if you have question leave a comment.

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6 thoughts on “ How to use the Lottery Bible. ”

Hey i was wonding is it possible that you can list the good fair and poor so i xan bettet understand it cause i printed the bible out but i notice that you had good fair n poor buy the numbers ..also is there another methood you use to find hits using the bible beesides the one on your video

That list would take a while I do suggest you go to a local corner store and see if its sold there. And i’m sure there is others but I don’t currently know of them. I will search the web to see if its on here for the Good- Fair-Poor for the bible How to use the Lottery Bible…………if you have question leave a comment. ]]>