ghana national lotteries

Ghana national lotteries

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National Lotto Authority (NLA)
Address: National Lotto Authority Fortune House, Mills High Street, Accra-Ghana
Postal/Postboks Address: P.O. Box 506 Accra, Ghana
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Phone: +233 30 267 8010-10
Fax: 233 21 668809
Population: 22.4 million (2006 est.)
Togbe Francis Nyonyo
Hon. Kofi Osei-Ameyaw
Year Lottery Founded: 1958
Sales FY 2019: N/A
# Full Time Employees: 403
# Points of Sale: 8,600
Games Offered: Draw based games, VLTs
Beneficiaries: The objective of the NLA law was to provide care and protection for the physically and mentally challenged, the needy, the aged, orphans as well as destitute children in the country. It would also conduct, for the purpose of raising revenue for the nation and for other purpose stated in the Act.
Jurisdiction: Ghana, Western Africa

About National Lotto Authority (NLA)
The NLA was originally established as the Department of National Lotteries in 1958 with a Mandate to organize raffles for the public to have fun and win prizes. In 1960, the Lotto and Betting Act 94 was passed into law to start lottery in Ghana with the aim of raising revenue to support the development of the country.
Over the past fifty years, the NLA has evolved from its earlier incarnation as a Civil Service Institution known as the Department of National Lotteries (DNL); it has been transformed into an autonomous Public Service Institution, with a legal monopoly on the organization of lotteries in Ghana, and one which is of the most important contributors to both Government revenues and employment generation.
Hence, in 2006, the passing of an Act of parliament, the National Lotto Act 722 gave birth to National Lottery Authority.
Manual Platform
The first Director of the Department, Mr. F. W. Brennan, a Maltese, introduced the first Fixed Odds Lottery in Ghana, known as 5/90 Fixed Odds game because it involved picking five winning numbers out of 90. The first draw was conducted on September 29, 1962.
The Lotto Coupons used at that time were popularly referred to as “Manual” because Lotto Receivers who retailed the Lottery Products physically wrote the numbers chosen by customers on the coupons and duplicate submitted to the Lottery Authority before the draw is held. Winners of the draw were selected manually by DNL staff from the stocks of Lotto Coupons sold.
Mechanised Coupon
The growing popularity of the lottery game, the increasing patronage in the late 60’s and 70’s and sometimes human error in writing of the numbers on the coupons as well as the selection of the winners culminated into the Mechanized Lotto Coupon. The new coupon was introduced in 1979 to solve some of the inefficiencies of the Manual coupons.
The new coupons afforded lotto stakers /players the opportunity to select their five (5) lucky numbers from 1to 90 numbers which are printed on the coupons by crossing out the chosen numbers.
With the introduction of these coupons, winners are selected by feeding a specially devised machine with ‘staked coupons’ which will then select the winning coupons from non-winning ones. Winners are paid after a 1 month period thus reducing the payment time for manual tickets which was 3 months.
Universal Manual Coupon
The Mechanized Coupons were discontinued in 2001 due to the lack of replaceable parts and the high cost of maintaining the printing and sorting machines. This also paved way for the modernization, expansion and automation of lottery operations. Thus in 2003 a new coupon known as Universal Manual Coupon was introduced. The NLA introduced the Universal coupons that can be used to retail all its products or games at any given time without returning the unsold coupons to the NLA.
Automated Platform
In 2006, the NLA introduced the automation machines that generate the lottery tickets upon purchase. The system works via GPRS (online). The acceptance of the automation machines took a while for both the retailers and lotto stakers in the first phase of implementation. The change from Manual to Automation however was absolutely necessary due to the numerous challenges involved in the Manual system.
The Automation System commenced with the use of TPM machine which were operated by Service Providers Known as SIMNET, until 2009 when the NLA introduced the Portable Automation Machines to completely fade out the Manual System. The PADPM is the INGENICO SAGEM EFT 930G’. its software application has been specifically designed and manufactured for the NLA for the dispensing of lottery products. The two automated platform ie. TPM and PADPM were operating at the same until the shutdown of the TPM system by its Service Providers (SIMNET) IN October 2012. With the shutdown of SIMNET in 2012, Lots Services was introduced in 2013 to provide technical support to NLA alongside INGENICO. Currently the NLA operates on an Automated Platform which is solely technically supported by LOTS Services.
Our Passion, Our Work, Our Home
The NLA provides an enviable corporate platform that encourages creativity, innovation and best management practices. We come from various academic and professional backgrounds, with different experiences and areas of specialization, but our varied abilities are able to find a unique blend and complete harmony in the NLA’s environment resulting in efficiency and high productivity.
Over the years the organization has worked hard to create and preserve a thriving working environment that encourages our ingenuity as workers, tapping deep into our acquired expertise and knowledge, and utilizing our skills in ways that are most creative and fulfilling.
Our passions are ignited each day as we work on varied tasks and assignments aimed at developing new products or improving existing ones, strengthening the bond between our core staff, retailers and ultimate customers, as well as improving our modes of delivery and maximizing the value for our ultimate customers.
One of the things that continuously inspires and brings us joy is the sensitivity of our organization to issues of social importance and public welfare. Various projects are commissioned to launch various social interventions in the areas of Health, Education and the preservation of our Cultural Heritage. Want to know more than the headlines?

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Ghana national lotteries Want to know more than the headlines The World-Wide Lottery Guide is brought to you with the compliments of National Lotto Authority (NLA) Address:

Ghana national lotteries

Prediction #1: 15-80-56-((67))-((36))

Prediction #2: ((34))-((50))-87-45-90

Prediction #3: ((26))-85-42-((88))-61

Machine #1: ((64))-((35))-86-60-89

Machine #2: ((77))-84-((73))-65-63

Machine #3: ((29))-12-((59))-82-1

Lucky Numbers, NLA Best Bankers, Best (Two) 2-Sure For Today 25 Nov 2020 – GWS Online GH

If you have studied the system well you would know that this section gives numbers that can be played as best two (2) sure, or as best bankers respectively. These are some of the strategies you can use if you study the system.

Are you a lotto winner?


The Monday Special was launched on 1st August, 2005 and it is drawn on Mondays. The product is being run on 5/90 fixed odds game.

A day for Lucky people with lucky numbers to become rich
It was launched on the 17th April, 2007 and it is drawn on Tuesdays.

Midweek was introduced on 20th August 2013 and is drawn on Wednesdays.

Fortune Thursday is drawn on Thursdays and was launched on 12th April, 2007.

Friday is the day of draw and was launched on 20th April, 2007.

National Weekly Lotto
Saturday is the day of draw.
It was introduced in December, 1962 and has since been running for over 50 years.

Disclaimer: Our free lottery winning numbers prediction service is provided as is, we don’t provide any guarantees or warranty or the uniqueness of numbers predicted.

💡Tip #1: The numbers in ((brackets)) are most likely to play according to the system, and this is what some refer to as sure numbers. Each set has its own sure numbers.
The three predictions and machines give you three choices to choose from, so decide which of the three WINNINGS to choose and which of the three MACHINES to choose or whether to mix them for the day’s game.
You can also decide to use only the sure numbers or build numbers using our free tools, either way it’s up to you to study the system well and know what works best.

💡Tip #2: Use our Winning Records to help you select the best Prediction System and the best Machine System.

💡Tip #3: We update our Winning Records from time to time, but there are far more Winning Records than what is shown on that page, so you will have to check and compare Past NLA Lotto Predictions with Past NLA Lotto Winning Results to help you select the best Prediction System and Machine System.

💡Tip #4: Sometimes Prediction System will play for Machine System and vice versa.

Note: We only recently started documenting our winnings and already our database is filling up, however we may have missed others in the past so check the history pages.


Lockdown Areas:
Lotto Marketing Companies in the lockdown areas are NOT Permitted to sell lotto to the staking public in their respective lotto kiosks.
In order not to affect the business and finances of Lotto Marketing Companies, a training programme has been instituted by the Authority for Lotto Marketing Companies and relevant stakeholders on the National Lottery Authority (NLA) Official Short Code *890# / *959#

However, we would like to urge the Staking Public and Lotto Marketing Companies in the lockdown areas to stake 5/90 and VAG Lotto Games via the National Lottery Authority (NLA) Official Short Code *890# / *959# via MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo effective 6th April 2020.

Areas Outside Lockdown:

The Staking Public and Lotto Marketing Companies are encouraged to take advantage of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) Official Short Code *890# / *959# to stake 5/90 and VAG Lotto Games via MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo effective 6th April 2020.

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Latest Ghana Lotto Results – NLA Draw For Today

WIN: 40-63-29-73-82
MAC: 56-43-74-85-37

Our team will continue to work hard to put smiles on your faces. The GWS ‘System’ is like a ‘Car’ and ‘You’ are the ‘Driver’. We are helping you drive to your destination of ‘Financial Freedom’, so learn to be a good ‘Driver’.

Top 10 Most Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Winning Hot Numbers 2020

(60) _ (69) _ (46) _ (27) _ (84) _ (38) _ (14) _ (63) _ (21) _ (70)

Top 10 Least Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Winning Cold Numbers 2020

(39) _ (20) _ (48) _ (88) _ (65) _ (17) _ (51) _ (71) _ (42) _ (74)

Top Winning Hot Numbers Last Appearance Dates
60 17/11/20 | 22/10/20
69 20/11/20 | 09/11/20
46 23/11/20 | 16/11/20
27 23/10/20 | 08/10/20
84 23/11/20 | 28/10/20
38 12/11/20 | 29/10/20
14 17/11/20 | 10/11/20
63 24/11/20 | 27/10/20
21 03/11/20 | 24/10/20
70 18/11/20 | 14/11/20

Top 10 Most Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Machine Hot Numbers 2020

(38) _ (39) _ (19) _ (17) _ (54) _ (56) _ (78) _ (50) _ (8) _ (3)

Top 10 Least Drawn NLA Ghana Lotto Machine Cold Numbers 2020

(90) _ (6) _ (20) _ (63) _ (81) _ (75) _ (85) _ (27) _ (69) _ (79)

Top Machine Hot Numbers Last Appearance Dates
38 10/11/20 | 04/11/20
39 10/11/20 | 03/11/20
19 19/11/20 | 13/10/20
17 18/11/20 | 11/11/20
54 14/11/20 | 05/11/20
56 24/11/20 | 02/11/20
78 11/11/20 | 31/10/20
50 06/11/20 | 27/10/20
8 24/11/20 | 21/11/20
3 24/11/20 | 23/11/20

Fortnight Ghana Lotto Results – NLA Winning Numbers History

Date & Lotto Game Winning Numbers Machine Numbers
24/11/20 Vag East Lotto Results 71-43-6-82-62 16-78-58-21-39
24/11/20 Lucky Tuesday Lotto Results NLA 40-63-29-73-82 56-43-74-85-37
24/11/20 DAYWA Lotto Results NLA 18-25-28-33-8
24/11/20 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA 38-27-6-2-5-36
24/11/20 VAG Lotto Results NLA 66-55-11-17-24
23/11/20 Monday Special Lotto Results NLA 84-46-81-47-1 16-7-23-40-65
23/11/20 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA 2-32-46-50-8-14
23/11/20 DAYWA Lotto Results NLA 32-14-18-9-15
23/11/20 VAG Lotto Results NLA 63-47-51-74-70
21/11/20 Old Soldier Lotto Results 62-41-11-46-83 52-51-90-5-71
21/11/20 National Weekly Lotto Results NLA 77-90-34-16-88 12-89-9-37-31
21/11/20 DAYWA Lotto Results NLA 9-19-35-33-3
21/11/20 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA 25-39-16-32-10-24
21/11/20 VAG Lotto Results NLA 32-79-27-21-66
20/11/20 Obiri Lotto Results 3-57-65-18-82 62-79-90-60-6
20/11/20 Friday Bonanza Lotto Results NLA 72-15-56-69-73 77-79-24-65-52
20/11/20 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA 20-4-41-8-13-22
20/11/20 DAYWA Lotto Results NLA 20-17-10-24-1
20/11/20 VAG Lotto Results NLA 36-35-18-27-65
19/11/20 Fortune Thursday Lotto Results NLA 1-15-68-59-16 35-71-48-19-31
19/11/20 Super 6 Lotto Results NLA 43-19-16-22-32-37

Did You Win The Lottery?

Wins can be claimed instantly within 14 days from the day of the draw.
Visit the following banks to claim your prize: UMB, BANK OF AFRICA, GCB BANK, NIB, HFC, ACCESS BANK, ZENITH, UNIBANK, and ADB.

NLA 5/90 Lotto Game Details

Players select at least one out of ninety balls numbered 1-90. A draw is held at the end of each day except Sundays to randomly select 5 out of the 90 balls. If the numbers on the 5 selected balls match any of the numbers selected by the player at the time of play then he is a winner. The daily draw games are Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Midweek, Fortune Thursday, Friday Bonanza and National Weekly on Saturdays. Variations of the games to play each day are below:

  • Direct 1: The first number drawn is called the 1st Winning Number. (e.g. If a Player selects number 37, he is a winner if 37 is the first number drawn)
  • Direct 2: Any two numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. (e.g. If a player selects 49 and 7, he is a winner if 49 and 7 are among the 5 numbers drawn)
  • Direct 3: Any three numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. (e.g. If a player selects 11, 44 and 86, he is a winner if 11, 44 and 86 are among the 5 numbers drawn)
  • Direct 4: Any 4 numbers out of the 5 winning numbers to be drawn. (e.g. If a player selects 27, 38, 87 and 55, he is a winner if these numbers are among the 5 numbers drawn.)
  • Direct 5: All 5 numbers chosen must be winning numbers. (e.g. If a player selects any 5 numbers from 1 to 90, and all 5 numbers are drawn, then he is winner.
  • Perm 2: This is basically selecting more than 2 Numbers and combining them in sets of 2. If a player selects numbers 11-22-33, Perm 2 will give combinations of (i) 11-22, (ii) 11-33 and (iii) 22-33. Here, the winning pattern is same as direct-2.
  • Perm 3: This is basically selecting more than 3 Numbers and combining them in sets of 3. If a player selects numbers 11-22-33-44, Perm 3 will give combinations of (i) 11-22-33, (ii) 11-22-44, (iii) 11-33-44 (iv) 22-33-44. Here, the winning pattern is same as direct-3.
  • Banker 1 against all numbers: This is selecting one number and pairing it with the rest of 89 numbers. (e.g. if player selects 70 against all, this means 70 is his banker.) This banker must be one of the 5 winning numbers.

Note: Results are published immediately after they are released. We are not associated with NLA or its affiliates in any way. We provide lottorie data and stats for research & information services purposes only and strictly do not encourage playing. Users of this page must be 18+

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Ghana national lotteries Prediction #1: 15-80-56-((67))-((36)) Prediction #2: ((34))-((50))-87-45-90 Prediction #3: ((26))-85-42-((88))-61 Machine #1: ((64))-((35))-86-60-89 Machine