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Pick Winning Numbers: It’s Not Magic — Or Is It?

A Science of Picking Winning Numbers

Any normal person would think that picking random numbers would be easy. Oh, if you’re anything like me and think this, you’re very wrong. According to my trusty lottery gurus, there is a science to it! I know! A science to picking random numbers! There is a chart of all the winning numbers, and the chart shows you how often these numbers are chosen (it makes me wonder if those balls were rigged…) in any given time frame. From here, you can choose your winning numbers. But don’t be like me and look at the wrong chart for your numbers. If you’re going to play the Mega Millions, you don’t want to use the PowerBall chart. Just a little FYI from one newbie to another.

I also learned that there were several different ways you can choose these numbers. Who knew picking numbers would be such a complicated process? Here are some of the ways you can pick your numbers other than the frequency chart thing.

  • Delta Method
  • Lucky Numbers
  • Random Number Generator

Delta Method – Calculator Not Included

This has got to be one of the most complex methods out of the bunch. If you’re a number fanatic, this is your way. I had to read it several times to understand it—and I’m not 100% I understand it! I want to win the lottery, not revisit algebra class!

  • Choose a very low number (ex. 2)
  • Choose two numbers between 1 and 8 (ex. 4 and 6)
  • Choose a number close to 8 (ex. 9)
  • Choose two numbers between 8 and 15 (ex. 12 and 14)
  • Write down the delta numbers. (My numbers were 2-4-6-9-12-14)
  • Shuffle your delta numbers. (ex. 6-12-2-14-9-4)
  • Write down the first delta number (This will be your first lottery number)
  • Add the first and the second numbers together, and continue to the end.
  • Add all your numbers so to make sure their sum is not higher than the highest number in the drawing

Fortune Cookies Are Good for Something After All!

This is more my speed. Do you know the lucky numbers that are on Chinese fortune cookies? You can use these numbers, or you can choose numbers that mean something to you. These could include birth dates, ages, addresses, phone numbers… Anything.

Random Number Generators

Some gurus claim to have the best random number generators. They say that they take the algorithms from the frequency charts and they choose the numbers for you. Generators like or are just some of the free to use generators. I wish I found these before I paid for the membership!

Let the Machine Pick it For You

If you don’t feel lucky and you don’t want to pay someone else to pick your numbers for you, there is an option to let the lottery machine randomly select the numbers for you. I guess it can’t be much different than using a random number generator. Statistics show that more people win when they let the machine pick for them than they randomly pick their numbers. Now, what does that tell you?

When picking winning numbers, keep in mind that not every number was created equal. The chances are that your lucky numbers may not be lucky at all.