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Indiana (IN) Daily 4 Evening Past 30 Day Winning Numbers

How to Play Indiana Pick 4?

Mark either Daily 4, Front 3 or Back 3

Mark the play type:

Straight – Match your numbers in exact order

Box – Match your numbers in any order

Combo – Match your numbers in either exact or any order

Mark your amount: $1, $2, $5 or $10

Mark your numbers: Mark 1 number in each column. You can play up to 5 boards per playslip. Select Quick Pick (QP) to let the terminal randomly select your numbers. Hand mark the playslip using black or blue ink or pencil.

Errors: DO NOT ERASE: Mark the VOID box if errors are made.

Multi-Draw: Mark the number of drawings you want to play: (2, 3,4,5,6,7,14,21,28)

Claiming Prizes

Prizes $600 and under can be redeemed at most Hoosier Lottery retailers, all Hoosier Lottery regional offices, Hoosier Lottery Headquarters at 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN – across from the RCA Dome (main floor lobby) or by mail.

Prizes less than $50,000 can be redeemed at any Hoosier Lottery regional office, Hoosier Lottery Headquarters or by mail.

Prizes greater than or equal to $50,000 must be redeemed at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters.


The ticket, not the playslip, represents your official selection for the drawing and must be presented to claim a prize.

Players are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their tickets.

Players must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a ticket or claim a prize.

The Hoosier Lottery reserves the right to limit the selection of certain numbers.

All games are subject to Hoosier Lottery rules and Indiana law. – Lottery Winning Strategies,california lottery,florida lottery,texas lottery,Prizes, Winning Numbers Statistics, Jackpots & more

Daily 4 – Indiana Hoosier Lottery

Daily 4 Indiana Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers

Cold Numbers

How to Play the Indiana Daily 4 Lottery

The Indiana Hoosier Lottery Pick 4 has twice-daily draws and a jackpot of $5000 for each draw. The maximum amount you can win depends on how much you wager and the playstyle you choose. You win the biggest jackpot when your ticket matches the winning draw numbers in exact order.

To play, you must pick 4 numbers, each from 0-9, and choose from the following playstyles:

  • Straight: You must match the winning numbers in the exact order.
  • Box: You can match the winning numbers in any order.
  • Combo: You can match the winning numbers in any order or in exact order. Available only at $1 per ticket.
  • Wheel: You get to play Straight bets for all possible combinations of your chosen numbers, boosting your chance of winning.
  • Front 3/Back 3: You select 3 numbers (instead of 4). These must match the first 3 or the last 3 winning numbers in exact or any order.
  • 1-OFF: You can select from 1-4 digits that can be one higher or lower than the winning draw numbers. This option doesn’t pay when you hit a Straight.

For all playstyles except 1-OFF, you can add the Superball option for better chances of winning. This allows you to swap out the Superball (a random number picked at every draw) for one of the winning numbers so you can hit a match.

Indiana Daily 4 Drawing Schedule

Indiana Daily 4 game draws are held twice a day at 1:20 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time. Ticket sales close at 1:10 PM for the day draw and 10:39 PM for the evening draw.

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