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Daily 4 Winning Numbers

These are the Daily 4 winning numbers for the last seven draws. The latest CA Daily 4 results will appear here within minutes of the draw taking place daily at 6:30 PM PT.

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To view older CA Daily 4 winning numbers back to April 2010, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “View Past Winning Numbers”.

Find out the most recent California Daily 4 numbers here. Check these CA results to see if you are a lotto winner.

Daily 4 – California Lottery

Daily 4 California Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers

Cold Numbers

How to Play the California Daily 4

The Daily 4 offers several thousand dollars in prizes. To play, you have to pick 4 numbers from 0-9 and pick a playstyle.

Your odds of winning depend on your chosen playstyle:

  • Straight: You must match the winning numbers in the exact order. Odds: 1 in 10,000.
  • Box: You can match the winning numbers in any order. Odds: 1 in 417.
  • Straight/Box: Your wager gets split evenly between the Straight and Box options. Matching the winning numbers in the exact order, for example, gets you half each of the corresponding Straight and Box prizes. Matching numbers in any order, meanwhile, net you half the corresponding Box prize instead. Odds: 1 in 417.

California Daily 4 Drawing Schedule

Daily 4 draws are held every day at 6:30 PM PST. The draw is held right after sales close for the day, so you have until 6:29 PM PST to buy eligible tickets.

California Daily 4 Payout

Prize amounts for the California Daily 4 depend on your wager and chosen playstyle.

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