crossword lottery


Big game, big prizes, big fun.

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How To Play

There are two different puzzles on this BIG ticket, each with 14 different ways to win!

Puzzles 1 & 2:

Scratch the YOUR LETTERS area to reveal a total of 18 letters. Scratch only the letters in CROSSWORD PUZZLES 1 & 2 that match those in the YOUR LETTERS box. If you match letters in the YOUR LETTERS box to reveal 3 or more complete WORDS in either CROSSWORD PUZZLE 1 or 2, win the prize indicated in the PRIZE LEGEND for that PUZZLE.

There’s also a bonus word for another chance to win!

Bonus Word:

Scratch only the letters in the BONUS WORD that match those in the YOUR LETTERS area. Match all 5 letters in the BONUS WORD, win prize in PRIZE box for that BONUS WORD.

But wait, you also get… a FREE Progressive Print-N-Play Crossword ticket. Scratch the bottom right corner for a coupon for our instant-win crossword game, printed fresh off the same terminal that gives you lotto games like Powerball and Gopher 5.

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