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These 15 places in Colorado sold the most winning lottery tickets last year

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DENVER – People say it’s often all about location, location, location – and that’s apparently the case if you’re looking to take home some big cash prices from the Colorado Lottery.

Here are the Top 15 spots where Coloradans took $5,000 or more home:

1. Daytona Mart (Aurora)

The Daytona Mart in Aurora located off Dayton Street and 14 th Avenue sold five winning Colorado Lottery tickets in 2016.

2. Bottle Cap Liquors (Parachute)

You may find your luck at the liquor store. The Bottle Cap Liquors store off of Carina Way and Highway 215 sold four Colorado Lottery tickets in 2016, lottery officials told Dever7.

3. My Goods Market (Thornton)

In Thornton, Coloradans can try to get lucky at My Goods Market in the area of East 120 th Avenue and Washington Street. The store sold four winning Colorado Lottery tickets last year.

4. King Soopers (Westminster)

Want to try your luck in Westminster? Then you may want to head out to the King Soopers near Federal Boulevard and West 104th Avenue. The store also sold four winning tickets in 2016.

5. Z Stop (Golden)

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway and are heading to Golden, make sure you stop at the Z Stop Gas Station at 1351 Highway 119. Four winning tickets were sold there as well.

6. Borderline Cantina (Carr)

This Latin American restaurant is reportedly the No. 1 Colorado Lottery retailer. It’s located at 68947 Highway 85 in Carr – that’s on the Colorado-Wyoming border.

7. Safeway (Fort Collins)

You can also try your luck at the Safeway store located at 2160 West Drake Road in Fort Collins.

8. River Station (Sterling)

It’s more than just a travel destination! Sterling’s River Station is just more than a convenience store – it has a pizza shop, a gas station and, of course, the No. 8 spot where Coloradans can buy winning lottery tickets.

It’s located at 1912 US Highway 6.

9. First and Grand Shell gas station (Grand Junction)

This Shell gas station in Grand Junction not only serves as a fueling stop – you can also get lucky and hit the big lotto jackpot! It’s located at 333 N. 1st Street.

10. JR’s Country Store (Pueblo)

The JR’S Country Store in Pueblo located at 615 Eagleridge Boulevard #1 lands the No. 10 spot for selling winning Colorado Lottery tickets.

11. Loaf N Jug (La Junta)

This convenience store-chain offers not only snacks, coffee and basic groceries – but also the chance for you to take home the Colorado Lottery! It’s located at 918 West 3rd Street.

12. 7-Eleven (Colorado Springs)

If you want to try your luck in Colorado Springs, head over to the 7-Eleven in the area of South 21 street and Highway 24.

13. Thunder River Market (Glenwood Springs)

You don’t have to descend from the mountains in order to try your luck with the Colorado Lottery – and the Thunder River Market in Glenwood Springs is proof of that.

Winning tickets were sold at this store located at 6818 CO-2.

14. Safeway (Federal Heights)

Safeway seems to be a pretty popular stop where shoppers are finding out they can win big with the Colorado Lottery

If you live in Federal Heights and want to try your luck, you should consider going to the store located at 10300 Federal Boulevard.

15. 74 Express (Windsor)

Last but not least – if you’re willing to try your luck in Windsor, head over to 325 West 4 th Avenue. Winning Colorado Lottery tickets have sold in that store.


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After an Aurora woman won $3.3 million from the Colorado Lottery, we found out which locations have the most winning tickets.

Colorado Lottery ticket cheats lose out on winnings

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado Lottery police officers joke that they get no respect because so few people know of their existence, but since 2010, they’ve busted 24 people who officers say tried to claim someone else’s winning lottery ticket as their own, 9News learned after an undercover investigation.

“We help track tickets and catch suspects,” said Jack Chism, Colorado Lottery supervisory investigator.

The lottery police took 9Wants to Know undercover as they tested store employees.

An undercover lottery employee was armed with mock winning scratch-off lottery tickets on June 30 and Aug. 18. She went into stores and asked employees whether any of her tickets was a winner.

The scratch-off tickets cause lottery computers inside stores to act like the tickets are winners. The tracking numbers are specially designed to alert lottery investigators whenever they are scanned.

The fake tickets show winnings of $599 to $10,000. Prizes that large must be claimed in person at a lottery office and cannot be paid out at convenience stores.

9News followed state investigators around for two nights. Most clerks were honest. Some were not.

The first night, one clerk told the undercover lottery employee that her tickets were not winners. The undercover lottery employee handed clerk Sarah Jane Moss, 23, of Colorado Springs, three tickets. One ticket was printed to tell lottery computers it was a winner and also notify lottery investigators when it was scanned.

Moss kept all three tickets and told the undercover employee that none was a winner. Moss worked at the Farmcrest convenience store at 2105 W. Colorado Ave. in Colorado Springs.

Lottery security cameras were rolling the next day — July 1 -— as Moss took the winning scratch-off ticket to the lottery office in Pueblo and signed paperwork claiming the ticket as her own. Lottery investigators asked her to step into another room to answer questions.

“Sarah explained that she oftentimes collects tickets from the trash when people throw them away, and she re-checks them to see if they are winners,” according to Moss’ arrest affidavit, filed in El Paso County District Court.

Moss stuck to her story at first, but her demeanor began to change, a lottery investigator wrote in the court document.

“When Sarah was trying to explain the events, she was becoming nervous and also appeared to be getting confused on her story,” investigator Marcus Woodward wrote.

He then told her he knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

“I know different, I know where this ticket came from. I know exactly when you got it. I know you got it because I was there,” the investigator said he told Moss.

He said Moss then confessed.

“Yeah, some girl came and turned in a couple of tickets, and I feel really guilty about it; I’m sorry,” Moss allegedly told the investigator.

The El Paso County district attorney’s office charged Moss with theft over $1,000 and forgery of lottery tickets. Both are felony charges. She has not entered a plea.

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