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300 million reasons why lottery tickets make a terrible gift

Ronnie Foster had a big win in the North Carolina lottery. Video Elephant

Florida, like many states, has a commercial that pushes buying lottery tickets as holiday gifts. The ad actually calls scratch-off tickets “the must-get gifts of the season,” saying, “Pretty much everyone is going to want them.”

That may be true – people probably do want them – but that doesn’t stop them from being a terrible gift. Giving someone a lottery ticket is similar to buying them a carton of cigarettes: It may be what they want, but your present supports a bad habit.

Lottery tickets – whether they’re “scratchers” or multistate games such as Mega Millions or Powerball – sell a pipe dream. You spend a dollar, or maybe up to $20, for an instant ticket, and you might win millions.

The problem is the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you, so playing really amounts to throwing your money away. You’d be better off gifting your loved ones a sure thing, such as a gift card with real value or actual cash they can use how they like.

But somebody has to win.

There’s no exact formula, but lotteries generally pay back 50% to 60% of the total money bet as prizes. That may sound like a lot, but it’s well below the 86% minimum payback that Nevada mandates for slot machines and video poker. Most Las Vegas casinos set their machines for closer to 90% payback, and some forms of video poker pay out close to 99%, according to

Slot machine payback works a bit like the lottery in one way: The big payouts account for much of the money paid back. Yes, someone will win that prize, but the odds of it being you are tiny. Yes, you might hit a smaller jackpot on a slot machine (the kind that keeps you playing), or you may win a few bucks on a lottery ticket or scratch-off card (which you might spend on more tickets or cards), but you’re astoundingly unlikely to take home the big prize.

A website for the Iowa lottery spelled out how bad the odds are of winning the big prize in Powerball or Mega Millions:

The odds of winning the jackpot in Mega Millions are about 1 in 302.6 million. The odds of winning the jackpot in Powerball are about 1 in 292.2 million. (The odds are based upon the total number of combinations available to play in each game.)

Games with lower top prizes come with better odds, but a one in 10 million chance to win $1 million is still an irresponsible way to spend your money.

So many better ways to spend your money

The average American spent $219.54 on lottery tickets in 2017, according to an analysis of U.S. Census data. That’s money that could have been invested. It may seem like a small amount, but if you invest that money, over time, you’ll have a massive return.

If you take $200 each year for 30 years and invest it in the stock market, assuming an annual return of 9% (the low end of the historical average), you’ll have nearly $30,000. To put that another way, you invested $6,000 and will end up with five times that amount.

Investing is the opposite of the lottery. If you invest in the stock market – and buying low-cost index funds is a smart way to start – history says that over the long term, you’ll win. If you start early and invest $2,000 a year instead of $200, you will have nearly $300,000 saved. If you start at age 20 and save for 45 years to retire at 65, that same $2,000 per year earns you around $1.1 million.

People may think that they need the lottery to become millionaires. The reality is that all they need is time . and to make better choices about how they spend their money.

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It may seem like an innocent gesture, but it reinforces bad behavior.

Christmas lotto tickets

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Ticket for 2 January 2018

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Participation in the Christmas and New Year Lottery is very easy. Just choose a ticket number with your lucky numbers. If this lot is available for participation, you can submit it.

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Every sixth lot wins! Already from 4.99 Euro per participation you get the chance to win the total of 2.3 billion Euros. Make this Christmas a special one and hand in your completed ticket in a timely manner by paying it conveniently and cashlessly at the box office.

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You will be automatically notified by e-mail immediately after the draw of the winning numbers of the Christmas and New Year Lottery. All winnings will be paid to your desired account.

How do I win the Christmas Lottery jackpot?

To win the Christmas Lottery the numbers you pick have match the outcome of Spain’s Bonoloto and Poland’s Mini Lotto. To win the jackpot your six main game numbers must be the same as those in the official Bonoloto draw whilst your bonus number must be the same as the first number drawn in the Polish Mini Lotto.
You can always find Christmas Lottery results right here at Multilotto.

How much can I win on The Christmas Lottery

With a regular ticket you can win up to €10 million. Boost your ticket and you will be in with a chance to win a merry €1 Billion!

How much does it cost to play the Christmas Lottery?

A single ticket for the Christmas Lottery costs just €2 for a regular ticket and €6 for the boosted jackpot ticket.

When does the Christmas Lottery draw take place?

The draw takes place every day (except on Sundays) at 9:30PM CET.

Christmas Lottery 2019 Official Tickets from Christmas Lotto, Playing the lottery is a huge Christmas tradition it’s so popular that nearly every American person buys a ticket for Lottery Ticket. ]]>