bingo at the standard nyc

Rihanna, Balls, and Porn Stars: The Wild History of Bingo at The Standard, High Line

Eight years ago this month, Not Your Standard Bingo took over The Standard, High Line’s restaurant, The Standard Grill, and overnight became New York City’s dirtiest little secret. In true Standard style, the concept of a game usually reserved for old ladies in retirement homes was flipped and transformed into a scintillating spectacle. Ever since, an eclectic crowd of revelers descends onto the Meatpacking District every Sunday night at 10p.m. to play bingo, sing Balls Karaoke, and transform the space into their own private hedonistic den. That is, if they could snag a reservation.

We sat down with the movers and shakers behind bingo to find out just what has made the night a New York City gem for the past eight years.

“Flipping a classic idea on its head.”

Creighton Oliver
(Bingo Producer, 2016–2017):

Michael Stauffer
(Bingo Host Since 2010):

“The party gets crazy when you guys get crazy!”

Michael Stauffer
(Bingo Host Since 2010):

“Everyone was star-struck to say the least.”

To celebrate bingo's 8th anniversary, we got the producers and regulars to share their best stories from over the years.