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Pronunciation /ˈlʌki/

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adjective luckier, luckiest

Having, bringing, or resulting from good luck.

  • ‘three’s my lucky number’
  • ‘She felt so lucky to be the one able to have this son.’
  • ‘I don’t know how I got so lucky to get a girlfriend like you.’
  • ‘But a lot of people here, you know, they feel pretty lucky just to get that.’
  • ‘The mistake is quickly discovered, but the soldier counts himself incredibly lucky.’
  • ‘If you’ve never heard that song, count yourself incredibly lucky.’
  • ‘Such sights make us guys realise how lucky we are after all.’
  • ‘And I was extremely lucky to escape without any injuries.’
  • ‘See, it’s times like these when I realise how lucky I am.’
  • ‘But talking to Tomas, I realise how incredibly lucky I am.’
  • ‘Only a few people are lucky enough to find their soulmates.’
  • ‘But he thinks himself lucky in a way.’
  • ‘My mother was one of the lucky few who looked gorgeous when they cried.’
  • ‘I am one of those lucky few, who could have played any sport.’
  • ‘A lucky few have mosquito nets and under each of them huddle several athletes.’
  • ‘We’ve been lucky with the weather, but there’s no way it’s going to hold.’
  • ‘If I’m lucky enough to survive I will probably be wheelchair-bound by then.’
  • ‘We are lucky to live in a democracy and should not waste this opportunity.’
  • ‘I never was lucky in love and I thought that you were the one.’
  • ‘Bands should think themselves lucky to achieve such heights just once in their careers.’
  • ‘Many anglers are lucky to catch one or two fish per season.’


Used to express envy at someone else’s good fortune.

  • ‘Several brave souls dressed up to celebrate the occasion, and lucky you, you get to meet four of them.’
  • ‘And hey, lucky you, they want to send it through your bank account and give you a commission.’
  • ‘Yes, lucky you, you who glide through the chaos of the world like the pope in his popemobile.’
  • ‘If he gets off to negative publicity, well, lucky him.’
  • ‘Just heard that Greg is going to London next April for work – lucky him.’
  • ‘Paulina loves you! You lucky devil, you!’
  • ‘So what are you waiting for, you lucky devil?’

Used to imply in an ironic or resigned way that someone’s wishes or expectations are unlikely to be fulfilled.

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