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Uplifting logo for life coach

this was realy chalenging project for me, for female corporate life coach with whom I didn’t clicked from start. we thumbled trough diferent concepts and after lot more time than usual this concept cristalised and both of us couldn’t be happier with outcome 🙂

Logo for mPulse

Available for sale.

Logo design for ACT for Life

Logo Concept for Skin Care Products

Logo for personal coaching business

Simple, memorable and unique solution for a personal coaching business. Wordmark with incorporated brandmark that can be used separately. Mark is a combination of letters E & H and with its positioning in the logo creates an energetic and uplifting image. Empowering logo for empowering business.

Graphic of meditating woman with many arms

custom made logo – unsold design and ready for sale if you are interested

An organization that sells hemp derived pharmaceuticals.

freedom tree and bird

Create a logo that symbolises physical health, fitness and vitality

minimal letter V – flower

Authentic Life Church

We are a contemporary non-denominational church. We are located in an urban metropolitan city helping people from all backgrounds.

Oregon Life Homes

Logo for Life Coaching practice.

The Braid Side of Life

The concept is based on a braided hand-tree to accentuate the living side of the braiding technique .

Life logo concept

A simple logo for a unique dental clinic. For the intelligent ones .

holistic healing and yoga

Creative logo for Life is Motion film production company.

Idea of motion in form of octopus, flexible and intelligent.

This logo will be used in a marketing campaign for a small town working to attract people to live in their community. The community has many great local companies working to attract employees to relocate from other areas into Monett and this marketing campaign is aimed at helping them do so. The target audience is primarily young professionals and young families. The collateral material the logo will be used in conjunction with will communicate that Monett is a place where one can have work-life balance due to the great job opportunities AND great quality of life available in Monett. That is the reason we adopted the slogan, “Work, Life, Balanced.” The “work” part comes from the many great job opportunties and the “life” part will emphasise the following community attributes: family-friendly, great housing options, wonderful parks and outdoor recreation opportunities.

E- commerce Logo Design

Stunning Logo design

Health pet food

Logo for a Youthful Church

The company sells vitamins and supplements for health and wellness and they wanted to refreshing their old logo. So, I redesigned the old logo using a flat style and clean lines giving a fresh and modern look

CBD infused water

Logo for Life Expander.

Focus of the company is also on keeping people healthy via leveraging Advanced Predictive Analytic Algorithms to inform them about their Possible Upcoming Health Issues while providing accurate plans to prevent them.

Design an innovative and modern logo for a successful 17 year oldenvironmental non-profit

Hey 🙂 This logo doesn’t have a home yet, if you’re interested in adopting and growing it into a successful brand it can be yours for only $199! A lifetime warranty that includes minor revisions is also included!

Flourishing Lives Logo

Logo for NEXT – Project Heart’s Research

NEXT is Project Heart’s Research and Innovation Conference. NEXT is a conference designed to engage doctors, researchers and people with CHD and intersted in CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) Research. NEXT is about exploring what is coming next in research to help us collaborate and cure CHD in our lifetime.

Logo for an animal conservation clothing company

Coalition Strength & Conditioning | West Town CrossFit

We are a strength & conditioning facility offering CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, personal training and movement therapy. Our target audience: 50:50 gender split, ages 25-55, and professionals with discretionary income that want to promote their health/aesthetic image in a chill gym environment. Located in Chicago’s West Town.

Inspired life co.

To create a lifestyle brand and not be pigeon-holed into selling just one thing. Inspired Life Co. means just that – to live an inspired life. To get out of bed each morning and feel inspired. To provide products that help people feel inspired and encourages daily inspirational living. This could be selling plants for your home, baked goods/food, home decor/accessories – products that give a person inspiration.

Logo for Clear Provence

Sale of natural products for the home and for the person. The customer wanted an elegant logo with an olive tree.

Life – Clothing Brand – Logo Design

Timeless logo design with a touch of vintage style with a strong typography.

Get inspired by these amazing life logos created by professional designers. Get ideas and start planning your perfect life logo today!

4 Life Physiotherapy Logo

4 Life Physiotherapy

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Concept #268

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Creative Brief

4 Life Physiotherapy Logo

4 Life Physiotherapy

Include this tagline in my logo.

Describe who/what this design is about

4 life physiotherapy is a physiotherapy (physical
therapy) practice on the west coast of australia.
The area is surrounded by the ocean and is not
only a fast growing city but also has
a large holiday maker and retiree market.

The owners are young (30ish) but experienced
clinicians who work with some international
mining clients and high level sporting clubs
in addition to the day to day running of the
physiotherapy centre.

The practice has 4 focus areas:
Occupational Health (mining)
Sports (onsite gymnasium)
General Practice (spinal)

What kind of design are you looking for?

How would you describe the effect in your logo:(Check all that apply)

What colors would you like?

A creative way to include 4 colours would be ideal (going along with the “4” marketing” however we are open to any colour combinations. Wanting the colours to be eye catching and a little fun, but to still maintain a professional feel.

How many colors do you want in your design?

Do you have any additional suggestions or ideas?

Ideally the logo should include a graphic component that could be used away from the logo. Also the number “4” will be used away from the logo.

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Check out its pretty awesome,you can win more contests.

#138. i know i can win this. 4lifephysiotherapy. feedback please

Source: Mycroburst Winning design:
Draft #128 and its variation have been taken down.

Draft #193 and its variation have been taken down.

draft #128. Can we please see this design with the physiotherapy text a bit bigger so that it extends along the whole length of the line.
Can we also please see the font / text format used in draft #128 with the image / colours used in draft #127. Thanks

draft #201 – Hi Vector. Can we please see the colours used in drafts #200 and #201 in the same kind of finish as draft #199 (the high gloss type finish with the gradient through the colours). Do you also mind re-instating draft #99 so we can see the 2 variations side by side. Thanks for your efforts.

Designers – Thankyou so much for all your designs so far. We are really happy/excited with the designs so far so have guaranteed the project and extended it to encourage more designs. THANKS.

drft #128 is fresh n dope. Nice work.

plz choose font for life and 4

Where would u like the physiotherapy and Life?

Draft#99 We like this concept – thankyou. Could you please try ways to make the “4” more prominent (please do not replace this draft as we also like this one).

draft#33 We like the big man – we would like to develop the text component. Could we please see this logo without the black images and try the number four in a bolder font and in orange. Please try different fonts for the “life” and without the shadowing.

draft#61 could you please try to make the number 4 more distinguishable – we like the colours. THANKS.

draft#72 can we please see this logo with the “4” in orange.

Draft #59 by mdsgrafix is a derivative of #50 and #53 by hatter, therefore has been taken down.

please rate drafts – project holder

draft#13 and draft#15 Can you see a way to include a graphic component to these logos? THANKS.

Draft#38 We like this concept – thanks. Could you please try putting the number 4 on the same line as “life” but keep it in the orange. I like the green and orange pictures – is it possible to represent industry/mining in one of the other boxes and acupuncture in another? THANKS.

draft#20 and draft#21 – We like the font aspect of this logo. Do you have any other ideas regarding the graphic number 4 component? THANKS.

draft#9 We like the font and layout of this design, but it is overall too feminine for our work (mining and professional sports/football). Please consider removing the stars and a more masculine image component. THANKS.

draft#6 and draft#7 I like your number 4 person but dont like the fonts for the “life physiotherapy”. I would like to see the number 4 person look more obviously like a number 4 so that we can eliminate the number 4 text and just leave the text “life physiotherapy”. We like the blue/orange combination so please stick with this. With the font consider something more modern, cleaner and masculine (not script/running writing). THANKS.

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